Delivery chronicle

The idea is to chronicle our delivery dinners. 5 or 6 of 10 is average delivery. We live in DTLA.

Carousel (Hollywood) — GrubHub

Warrior: 6/10. I find this to be slightly above average Lebanese / Armenian food, which means I like it. Good tastiness x healthiness product. The moussaka (aka maghmour) was great. I could eat this olive-oil-based eggplant and tomato dish any day. The chicken shawarma had a nice cinnamon-y flavor, but it was too dry. The garlic sauce was better than average. I like that the restaurant offers a tasty bulgur pilaf as an alternative to rice. Baba ganoush was good. Fattouch was under-seasoned. While I like this restaurant and appreciate that its menu has unique items, I prefer Marouch.

Peony: 6.5/10. I like the food overall. All the dishes have good flavors. If I were to be picky, I find the chicken is a bit on the dry side by itself, but if you mix it with garlic sauce and eat it with pita, it doesn’t taste so dry. Also, I’m sensitive to sourness, and I found the tahini sauce a little bit on the sour side. Overall, good food, and I’d be happy to eat it again.


Woon (Silver Lake S of 101) — DoorDash

Warrior: 3.5/10. I wasn’t impressed by Woon. The food had little flavor. The best dish was the Chinese broccoli, which was well-seasoned and prepared to a good al dente texture. The fried rice was decent due to the flavor from the black rice, but I found it too oily. The noodles were too oily also, and I wish they could have been a touch more al dente. The cold dishes were lackluster—basic preparations that anyone could do easily at home (and I personally would have added more sesame oil and fresh cilantro). I am curious what Peony, who is Native Chinese, will think, but I believe I already know. (We do not discuss our reviews beforehand.). The much better Chinese delivery option in this area is Pine and Crane.

Peony: 4/10. I think the food is not great. Let’s start with the liang cai (cold dishes). The three liang cai look bad. The vegetables look like they are falling apart. They’re supposed to have bright flavors that are very appetizing, and I do not taste any bright flavors. The five spice tofu tastes like it is directly from the supermarket and doesn’t involve any cooking. The thing they made a little bit of effort for is the shiitake mushroom fried rice, and for some reason the shiitake mushroom didn’t even bring any good flavor to the dish, and the rice was very dry. The vegetable tastes like it was boiled in water without any additional flavors. I think this is supposed to be Cantonese, and the flavors are expected to be light. But I find it is not flavorful at all. So unfortunately, I will not order from here again, although I’d like to support small businesses like this. I feel like there was a lack of effort. You do not serve this in a restaurant in China. You will lose your business.

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La Flor de Yucatán (near DTLA)—UberEats / DoorDash

Peony: 6.5/10. I like everything today. I like both chicken tacos, which were cooked differently but both juicy and tasty (the grilled one more al dente, the other more tender). The corn tortillas are good quality. I feel the tamale is a little bit dry and firm, but I think that might be the style. It goes well with the chile sauce (be careful, you only need a tiny little bit if you can’t tolerate heat). The side dishes of beans and rice are also good. The black beans have good flavor, and the rice has good texture. Overall, a good meal, and I enjoyed it.

Warrior: 6.5/10. I like La Flor de Yucatán. I appreciate that this restaurant serves most of its full menu for breakfast, making it one of the few good delivery options at 8 a.m. Their chicken chirmole has excellent flavor, and their grilled annato chicken isn’t far behind. I feel like their chicken preparations have gotten moister over the past couple of years. The beans and rice are just decent, but satisfying. The black eyed pea tamale (which also has black bean paste) is interesting, but it is a little too dry and bland for my tastes. Overall, I think La Flor de Yucatán is slightly better than Chichen Itza. (I will, however, warn against the paunchos and salbutes, which have had dreadfully dry chicken in past orders, though I’m wondering if that has changed recently, because these chicken tacos are really good).


The pibil and the tamales are the winners at La Flor. That colado tamale is airy and dreamy and delicious. The vaporcito is also delightful, but overshadowed by the colado.


Mex Peru Gipsy (DTLA)—DoorDash/ UberEats

Peony: 5.5/10. I like the flavors of the dishes (aji de gallina and pescado con mariscos). They taste good at first bite. Just being critical, after eating them for a while, I noticed the texture of the chicken was a little bit dry, and the seafood was not very flavorful by itself. Everything else was fine. Because I like the flavor, I think it is still good to order again. I just wish they could do better with the texture. We’ve been ordering Peruvian food for delivery from several restaurants, and they all work really well for delivery.

Warrior: 4.5/10. This is another restaurant that has its full menu available for delivery at 8 a.m. For me, it has just one other virtue: solid aji de gallina. For those two reasons, we’ve ordered from here a lot. But it is not that great. The quality of the seafood is disappointing and below the level of other Peruvian delivery options (e.g., Intiraymi in DTLA). Interestingly, this restaurant has five stars on Yelp after 1,100+ reviews. I would be curious to understand the factors that contribute to such great success on Yelp. (For comparison, Osteria Mozza has four stars.).

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I believe Mama Fong is Shanghainese-Hong Kong. I don’t really consider them Cantonese food. I am guessing her family moved to HK during/after 1949.
The signature dish here is Shanghai Chow Mein. The key with that dish is to add white vinegar and chile sauce.