Delivery chronicle

I think Jamaican food is just flavorful, and even average versions will be tasty.
But LA is not really very good - compared to East Coast. For example, I have never had a decent Jamaican beef patty here, but you can get them all over the place in NYC, especially Brooklyn. The jerk flavors are vibrant but toned down. Curried goat and oxtails, at Wi Jammin on Pico, are pretty solid versions, but I don’t love the jerk chicken there.

Peony: Thanks very much! Hope I can try these restaurants in Brooklyn one day!

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Man I’d kill for a good version like we had growing up. Even some of the pizzerias in Queens would have good versions of beef patties. I distinctly remember some heathens would slice open the beef patty, add mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and put it into the oven for a few mins.


That sounds like a winner on the drunk stoned and hungry thread

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Peony: 7.5/10. I like all the dishes tonight. The topping of the pizza has good texture and flavor. The side dishes were all well-made. They are not just simply prepared vegetables; they have a certain level of complexity. For example, the brussel sprouts have several layers of flavor and are mixed with a red, sweet, crunchy vegetable that I could not identify.

Warrior: 7/10. The escarole pizza has excellent flavor and good crust, though I found it slightly too chewy. I preferred the pizza delivery from Mozza. The anchovy salad was good. The roasted brussel sprouts were ordinary. The eggplant is a great dish at Rossoblu, but too small and delicate for delivery. Overall, I think there was a loss of quality from the delivery.

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