Destination Chinese restaurants

Can you name some?

Anything in Monterey Park like Elite, Duck House, et al.

Anything in Pasadena like Lunasia.

In Chinatown itself they can just hit up Yang Chow or anything in that Far East Plaza.

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they can’t all be sea harbour/elite/jzhou.

In Pasadena, Lunasia and Greenzone.

East LA/Atlantic station…ALOT

Chinatown station…Jade Wok, New Dragon, Fortune Gourmet.

The Gold Line is a nice ride. Highly recommend doing a trip when it is not too busy, some real nice views.

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luscious dumplings

I’m asking for myself.

Sea Harbour.

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Because of where the station are, it’s not always so obvious what is nearby. Here are some suggestions… We ride… A LOT. But bike, don’t Uber

Chinatown – Obviously.

Highland Park – Good Girl Dinette

Mission – Mother Moo

Filmore – Cafe Vida

Del Mar – Jin Tea Shop

Sierra Madre – Panda Inn

Arcadia – Shuttle to Night Market/ Bus to Mall



I thought Chinatown got little respect on this board, people always seem surprised when there’s something really good there.

I think if your request broadens to food that is good, regardless of whether it is Chinese cuisine or not, then the Gold Line and Chinatown have lots of options (obvious by the many recs that aren’t specifically Chinese).

I know Pok Pok has gotten flamed here, but the drinks are excellent, the food IS well prepared and the quality of ingredients is high.

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I like the Tamarind Whiskey Sour at Pok Pok.

You can easily do a Pok Pok, General Lee’s, and Hop Louie drink crawl. Or a food bang bang before the shenanigans. Then head over to Full House.


I’m specifically interested in great Chinese food since we don’t have a lot of it in SF Bay Area, especially regional cuisines other than HK, Shandong / Korean-Chinese, and Sichuan.

it’s only a 5 mile uber ride from the MP Gold Line station to Alhambra. So you have a lot of options.

Maybe I should just ask for the best restaurants in the SGV?


hoping to meet your criterion of good and non-accessible up north:

shanxi: lao xi noodle house (arcadia). everything there is good, but pay particular attention to anything described as a “house special” or “wife special” dish

shaanxi: xi’an tasty, (monterey park) liang’s is more pan-chinese (including shaanxi) but also makes some of the best noodles in the SGV. try the lamb noodle soup.

two other places known for the noodles include: dao shaw/heavy noodling II in the JTYH plaza, and kam hong garden (which might be a good choice since beijing pie house is in the same parking lot - i like the pie with pork/fennel)

shanghai: i personally favor places like shanghai dumpling house, shanghai bistro which are more bistro type fare than restaurant fare. love the chicken & chestnuts at shanghai restaurant in focus plaza.

tianjian: i think the tianjian bao are better at tianjian bistro, but that and maybe the meat pie are the only things worth getting there. OTOH fortune no 1 has the better breakfast including the fried bread covered in cinnamon. and the fried crispy something wrapped in an egg crepe.

if you don’t have burmese, try yoma myanmar in monterey park. they’re worth a try IMO.

sadly, no fujian to speak of.

we allegedly have the market cornered on wuhan cuisine, but i find it kinda meh myself. a chacon son gout.

anhui: we have a place recently opened. can’t vouch for it: china tasty

dalian: tasty noodle house. they also make a pretty good shui jian bao.

beijing: we have a few places, but none i’d recommend

dongbei: my favorite (shen yang) closed recently. you might try chef geng


Thanks, that’s very helpful.

We’ve got hella Burmese up here.

Google Maps doesn’t find Dao Shaw and for heavy noodling II it finds JTYH Restaurant. Is that it?

How can that be? Any time anyone writes of L.A.'s more diverse Chinese food scene, folks in San Francisco and New York fill up comments sections with incredulous comments claiming there must be some sort of error, that L.A. could not possibly have more.

Yunnan wasn’t mentioned, as well as a few other provinces represented around the SGV. Totally self serving, but here’s something I wrote:

What’s changed since?
Beijing Tasty House might be = or > Beijing
Bamboo Creek closed, so there’s a subtraction
Shaanxi Garden or Xi’An Tasty might be the better of Shaanxi Gourmet now (the Arcadia Shaanxi Gourmet has since closed, replaced by Cindy’s Noodleland, which is the same as Liang’s on Atlantic)


For anything not mentioned and other recs (apologies to secretasianman for redundancy, look at it as a seconding)

Beijing Pie House (lamb pie, wild radish pie)
Liang’s on Atlantic has some of the best lamb dishes and noodles. Chef from Henan.
Beijing Restaurant or Beijing Tasty House for Beijing-style items
For Dongbei-style, the original Shen Yang on San Gabriel has quite a menu. As mentioned, Chef Geng also.
For Xinjiang (Northwestern China), Omar. Obviously, very lamb intensive
Yunnan: Yunnan Garden, Yunnan Restaurant

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