Destroyer (Culver City): A Pictorial Essay

Destroyer: The Return of Kahn. Sounds action-packed, but it plays more like a thoughtful art-house film.

Since the closure of Red Medicine, many of us FTCers have wondered what happened to Chef Jordan Kahn. Well, he’s back, and now serving breakfast and lunch fare at Destroyer. Housed in a cool new space in Culver City just off the Expo Line, locals have definitely already discovered this hotspot, which opened very quietly a week ago. We came here for a nice little breakfast, and Destroyer delivered.

Clean, minimalist, with very interesting pottery and tableware…

The caffeine indeed flows here, and I thought the beverages were expertly pulled.

Icelandic rye bread, cultured butter, preserves… Grainy goodness.

Organic hen egg, crispy potato, mushroom… The dill and radishes are subtle additions to the wonderful aroma of the soft egg and mushroom. Arrange all the characters here in a mini-ensemble on your fork or spoon, and take the bite - You’ll see how it all fits together.

I am hoping dinner service is somewhere in the near future for Destroyer.

Oh, and don’t bother going to the ATM. This place does not accept any cash - credit card only.


3578 Hayden Ave.
Culver City, CA 90232 (and yes, kevin, you can play a bastardized version of ‘Space Invaders’ on their website)


Terrific report, I live a stones throw from there and have been waiting for it to open. The space looks beautiful, thank you for the interior shots. And that food looks made for me. :wink:

Question: The “crispy potatoes” look like potato chips in the picture, how are they prepared? Also, and this is more of a general question, is a “hen egg” different from a chicken egg? I don’t know what that means.

Great questions: I believe the crispy potatoes taste pretty much like housemade potato chips. And ‘organic hen egg’ simply implies that the eggs are coming from an organic hen (rather than saying ‘organic egg’, I suppose).

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In theatres Friday.

Nice review @J_L. Best trademark this before the movie comes out starring the Rock Dwayne Johnson.

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Nice pics as always. :slight_smile:

Plating looks beautiful. Thanks.


Dinner would be great but I would settle for some damn weekend hours. Looks really interesting though, thanks for the report

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“Destroyer: The Return of Kahn” - Submitted for trademark: 09/23/16.

“Welcome to The Rock…”

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That was funny!

“As opposed to what other kind of egg? A rooster egg?”

That’s not cool that they don’t accept cash, didn’t realize that. That’s oppressive imo


Maybe I’m just a culinary Luddite, but I really don’t need deconstructed food for breakfast.

You said Luddite

Is this a drinking game?

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Whenever someone writes it you have to eat an organic hen egg.

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would that be as opposed to an inorganic hen egg?

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I like your photography. That’s a beautiful looking salad. Cool space.

Does it really have to be from a hen?


It’d be better if it was from a rooster.