Dinner at AnnaLena

Before dinner there, we did an architecture walk though the University with a stop at a nude beach for sunset. It was too cold for the nudists, though.

We arrived late for our reservations. I had tried to call to let them know but it went directly to voice mail.

We were seated immediately and started with cocktails. These were our least favorite cocktails on the trip - there was no complexity to them, though they did look pretty. The service was excellent throughout the night. The wine recommendations and pairing were all great!

The highlight of the evening, or at least the first highlight, was this smoked tallow butter served with toasted bread. The tallow, or beef fat, was whipped into a light spread and smoked perfectly.

This next dish was good, also, and my nod to healthy eating on the trip…

Loved the bison tartare! Crunchy, creamy and raw!

The next dish, the squid, was disappointing. I love squid and octopus but this squid was presented diced, so you lost all sense of the squid as squid. Other people might not find that a bad thing, though.

The next dish, scallops, was very well done, my only criticism was that it had the same flavors as the squid, both very vinegary dishes.

The next highlight was dessert.

Deep fried chicken skin covered in chocolate! Genius. Salty, crunchy and sweet!

Had this also, delicious!

Would return here for dinner!


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