Dinner at August in NOLA

Just back from New Orleans and this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Everything was superb here, from the service to the food. We started with foie gras three ways.

Excellent and innovative.
We both had fish for main courses.

We ordered a vegetable dish the waiter recommended instead of a salad. Sorry for the poor pic!

Though the portions look small, it was all very filling! We turned down dessert but these candies came at the end.

The pecan caramel candy was insanely buttery and rich!

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You had me at “foie gras three ways”.

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@Xochitl, how was the service? We have always loved the food there, but on our last two visits, we found the level of service had substantially dropped off – to the point where we decided to take it off our “regular rotation.” Wasn’t because of the food, but when the service is not just “off” but actually “poor,” two times in a row . . .


Each was so unique yet sublime!

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The service was excellent - the waiter was very helpful in guiding us through the menu. He was friendly without being overly chummy. They didn’t try to up-sell us on wine - which I always find off-putting. Our water glasses were always refilled and wine always filled promptly (they kept the bottle in a cooler away from table). When we commented on the pecan candies, he told us the trick was the butter, lots of it. When we we spoke with waiters about where to go on our last night, many recommended going back to August, saying the service and food were the best in the city.
Disappointing to hear that you had two bad experiences there. Let us know if you do go back.

Just to be clear, the food has always been wonderful – we’ve been going to August off-and-on since it opened in 2001, perhaps a total of 5-6 times. Service was the issue on our last two visits.

Every restaurant is entitled to an “off-night.” But service was also an issue at Lüke, one of Besh’s other restaurants which we enjoy, and so we came to the conclusion that it was systemic. I’ll post something the next time we go . . .

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Believe me, being from Los Angeles, I know what bad service is and what a turn off it can be! There have been many times we have gone to well reviewed restos here only to decided never to return because of horrible service - except for dim sum. I expect bad service there so never disappointed!