Dinner - From West Hollywood to the Westside

when did @bulavinaka leave?

A while ago. He got tired of this bullshit and the instigator(s) of it. Sad loss of a great human.


Yes. A total bummer. Such wisdom and writing.
Please come back @bulavinaka


That guy returned I don’t know how many times with various new user names. He’d post a bunch of good stuff but within a few weeks or days turn into a vicious troll, totally derailing topics with personal attacks way beyond the “take the bad with the good” level. I guess ipsedixit got fed up and decided not to give him any more chances.

We knew him already from Chowhound, where I think he burned through at least three user names. One time it seemed like he had two active names and got into a fight with himself.


Fair enough. Clearly I wasn’t aware of the whole story. I used to enjoy his meal posts of Hatchet Hall and Bestia and I guess I mostly tuned out all the other noise. I’m done defending the guy. Let’s carry on.


I would reply to that, but I think we’ve disrupted @attran99’s nice thread long enough. She’s probably ready to mute us. But I’d advise against bringing that turd up again… lives will not end because Aesthete is banned from FTC.

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Are threats of violence against this site’s T&C?

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That’s because the insane rants that got him repeatedly kicked off were quickly deleted.


Not the afforementioned folks, but sometimes life happens to others and it’s their choice to go off the radar. I’m sure there are some that still read this board who no longer post, and it’s even easier to do so without logging in, but I admire their restraint in commenting.

I’ve seen worse and/or heard of worse drama on other boards (both food and non food related). Even the culinary jetsetters are not immune, have factions, infighting, and can’t keep their egos (and private parts as a figure of speech) in check… I’ll leave it at that.


I’ve thought the exact thing!

Good to know. Thanks for saying (writing) that. :wink:

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Connie & Ted’s
Meals here are consistently great and I love their selection of oysters. After a long day, this kind of casual is more the husband’s speed…unpretentious with solid food and cocktails.
Had a reservation for 8PM and the house was just reasonably busy when we walked in. Had to wait about 15 minutes for a table…which was rather strange since they had several tables available, but they put us at a two-top in the corner which we appreciated because it was less boisterous there.
I’m a huge fan of their ginger mocktail that turns into a cocktail with your choice of spirit. It’s the right balance of gingery heat and lime and mint finish…with vodka. I think I had 3 of these since it was so warm yesterday. Though it was off because I had ordered the grapefruit and ginger arrived instead…not that I minded one bit at all.
I had to order oysters to start…half a dozen of the chef’s selection and my favorite was the nautilus from Baja…a perfect blend of meaty, briny, and creamy. I did not enjoy the dodge cove from Maine…it had super minerally and bitter aftertaste…probably would have been better with a hit of mignonette sauce. But if I’m trying that variety for the first time I have it plain with 2 drops of lemon juice.

We saw they had a fried soft shell crab sandwich and also got that to have as an appetizer…while it tasted good, the bun to soft shell crab ratio was all off…too much bread and not enough soft shell crab. The fries are spectacular. Our favorite remains the simple version at Point Loma Seafood in San Diego where they keep it simple with just fresh sourdough and remoulade.

Also tried the crab Louie salad…it’s good, but it’s pretty hefty and should be served with bread or toast or something because it’s super rich, but delightfully crabby.

Not pictured…fish & chips which are fantastic because I could hear the crunch of the batter from across the table when my husband took his first bite. However I think it was a touch greasy when I had half of one of his pieces. Also not pictured…the magnificent lobster roll warmed with hot butter…easily my favorite lobster roll in the city…perfectly poached lobster seasoned simply, tossed in warm butter with a squeeze of lemon on a warm buttery roll.
Also had the peach cobbler for dessert…I love that they don’t peel the peaches for this dessert…I like the texture. There’s a nice kick of ginger in the mix so it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. Really lovely with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Hi @attran99,

Yes! I love Connie & Ted’s Ginger Mocktail (that you can turn into a Cocktail). Both ways - virgin or with alcohol - is wonderful. :slight_smile: I’ll have to keep an eye out for the Nautilus Oysters next time, thanks.

And totally agree about their wonderful Fries and Lobster Rolls. :slight_smile:


This might be a good place to bring the Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo from Glendale Liquors to try with the seafood.

Though Taka Tokubetsu Junmai (K&L) is a solid choice for oysters and lobster (from personal experience, though haven’t had the chance to try it yet at C&T…would be killer I’m sure). Needs to be chilled first though. I think I would want to find a good Chablis to pair side by side too…