Dinner Near El Rey/Busby's East

I feel like a similar thread exists for this question, but I can’t find it.

Any suggestions for an 5:30 or 6:00 dinner near the El Rey? Thinking Republique, but we don’t have reservations and we might get shut out at the bar.

Other ideas?


Hmm other than Republique? Yuko’s, Ray and Stark, Odys and Penelope, Top Round Roast Beef.

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El Chato for post-concert tacos!

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Jaffa is pretty tasty Mediterranean with modern touches.

Commerson gastropubby fare

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Good stuff, everyone. Thank you very much for the help.
I’ll check with my general manager and report back about what we did.


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Casual - Hasiba
Less casual - Commerson
More formal - Odys and Penelope or Angelini Osteria

If it’s not this week, 6th & La Brea (new brew pub) is going to be opening this weekend. Last night as I passed on my commute home it looked like they were having a soft opening/friends & family event. Looks like a nice space w/ beer taps (their own brews + others) and various asian-flavored accented food.

Well, the general manager was presented with options. Then she saw Republique was an easy book on a Wednesday night via Open Table and who am I to argue?

We had:

  1. bread + butter (pan drippings? Manager override)
  2. spot prawns. I had these all to myself and they were fucking amazing. @PorkyBelly, they used a sweeter green tomato for the coulis. Not too acidic at all this time so you may want to give it a second go.
  3. Octo-viet dish. As always, very nice. Melon choice was a yellow watermelon. It worked fine.
  4. Mafaldine. This dish is just stupid good. Pasta is a high quality dried pasta cooked perfectly.
  5. Cavatelli. Dank forest floor sauce was amazing. Cavatelli themselves were fine, but overall this dish was a let down after the transcendent mafaldine.

Cocktails were good. I had a gin-based cocktail infused with saffron. A riff on a proper martini that was so much more interesting and rewarding to drink.

I walked in a little sad I wasn’t trying something new to me, but what can I say? Republique is never a let down.

Special thanks to @ipsedixit for putting Hasiba on my RADAR. I’m always looking for a good sabich so I’ll be trying this place very soon.


What the crap? Is this new? Awesome addition to the area.Thanks!

WOW>… i’ve been wondering what’s moving in there… thanks! this is right by us

Fucking awesome. From the mad geniuses behind Lodge Bread.

Oh. Shit. I’m all over that even more.

Burned pita?

If all burned pitas tastes as good as Hasiba’s then “long live the burned pita”!

I’m thinking it could be a great place to stop in for a beer and some bites on my way home from work (I cruise down 6th to head back to Ktown).

I’ve been saying for over a decade that this is a craft beer desert and someone is going to do it right one day, even tried to talk a friend into starting a brewery. This is going to be very popular

I hope so! When I drove by tonite (11:30—deadline day for me) there were folks in there. I guess they might actually be open before the “official” opening. I’m interested in tasting their beer when it comes online in addition to their “guest” tap selection.

I don’t have much hope for their home brewed stuff but maybe, we’ll see. I never even went back to the Stalking Horse since just after they opened. How is their home brewed stuff?

I have no idea, but I’m hoping it’s decent. If not, my next hope is good quality beer from other SoCal brewers.