Dinner near LAX

Something decent, not fancy, and good causal is fine, too.

(1) 15 minute drive each way range from Century Blvd.
(2) Beach area not necessary (nor not necessarily desirable, because it will be dark early, and could (I know, shudder) could be inclement weather during the visit.
(3) Nothing mostly raw, or mostly spicy. Otherwise, various ethnic varieties are fine.
(4) Nothing that is going to require more than 5 or so minutes of walking from a car.
(5) Interesting and/or eclectic wine lists are a plus.

As a last resort, the hotel has a Daily Grill, but I’m not much of a resort guy, so I would like to try and avoid the last resort.

Might be outside of your condition (slightly), but Gjelina on Abbot Kinney is nice. :slight_smile:

According to Google Maps it’s only 18 minutes away, but of course it depends on traffic.

Maple Block Meat Co. - Delicious BBQ Brisket and other smoked / BBQ items.


All are Google-able:

The Ramen Joint
Beef roll from 101 Noodle Express (Westfield Culver City Mall food court)
Post & Beam
Metro Cafe
Rutt’s Hawaiian


Little sister
Mb post
Fishing with dynamite


Only the first four are you likely to make it in 15 minutes. 101 Noodle express, you might just make it to the parking lot in 15 but it will be at least another 10 to park and walk to the food court.

Sadly, last update I saw was that Pann’s will no longer be serving dinner: http://la.eater.com/2016/7/18/12212438/panns-los-angeles-diner-new-hours

My top four would match @PorkyBelly’s exactly. And as others mentioned, Post & Beam, Gjusta and Maple Block are are also solid if you’re willing to bump that 15min up a bit. I’d also throw in:

  • Chubby Rice (Hawthorne) - No Alcohol
  • Kagura (El Segundo) - I’ve only been to the Torrance location, so not sure if quality is different
  • Playa Provisions (Playa del Rey)

And 15 minutes pretty much takes out all of Venice. Cafe del Rey in the Marina should be right at 15 minutes. Superba Food and Bread in El Segundo should make the cut MB Post is probably 20 min out

UN-rec on the Playa Provisions - Food there’s not so good in my opinion.

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Will you please try Chalet Edelweiss for us?

8740 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045


the parking at mb post, in my experience, has been terrible.
driving from one city lot to another trying to find an open parking spot.
the parking alone took me over 15 minutes every time

respectfully disagree with the recommendation of playa provisions.
imho, poor food, high prices, spotty/rude service.

concur with the recommendation of kagura.
meets all the specs except for the interesting wine list.

@J_L & @westsidegal - Can’t say I completely disagree with y’all. Although I haven’t had as poor of meals/experiences as you guys have apparently had there, I live extremely close by and haven’t eaten there in almost a year, which says something, I suppose. Still, to my recollection, the food I have had there has been adequate for a decent dinner, if definitely over-priced.

My suggestion was mostly based in the fact that Playa Provisions basically meets all five of OP’s criteria, which, not many other suggestions in this thread do. (Note: not 100% sure about “interesting” wine except for the fact that they have a full bar.)

Ayara Thai Cuisine on 87th is my go-to place to meet folk who are on a bit of a layover.

And my unapologetic love of the Red Lobster on Century. Never met a Cheddar Bay Biscuit that I didn’t like. Ultimate Feast for life…


Truxton’s in Westchester might work. I’ve only been during the day. Good breakfast. Monkey bread! Not sure about an interesting wine list. But they do have a full bar.

Second Ayara. Surprisingly solid Thai food.

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Quality of food (that is, GOOD food) is an implicit criteria when people ask us for opinions on this particular board, yes? :slight_smile: (Otherwise, yelp would suffice.)

Based on my experiences there, I still feel like the quality of food at Playa matches the thread criteria - maybe too literally! -, but I understand your point.

Never thought I’d be going to bat for Playa Provisions!

Side-note: Have you been back to The Ramen Joint since your original report? I haven’t been yet but plan to soon and am curious to know if any repeat visits were as relatively successful as your first.

I know :smiley:. You’re just trying to be helpful and end up debating the merits of a restaurant you probably don’t have strong feelings for anyway. It has happened to me. Ironically with a poster on this thread.


that is very funny


We were at Fishing with Dynamite last weekend (MB Post is next door and same owner), there was valet parking. right in front. Don’t know if they offer this all day but it is worth checking.