Dish of the Month (DoTM) – APRIL 2017 – FINAL VOTING

Apparently @TheCookie’s colon will have to suffer for another month b/c SALAD just missed making the final vote. I wish you luck finding natural regularity this month, sister.

Hope nobody minds that I combined INDIAN w/ SOUTH ASIAN.


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Hi @paranoidgarliclover and all,

I wanted to ask the poster who wrote it in, but what qualifies as “South Asian”? Seems rather ambiguous.

Does it encapsulate “South East Asian” (the more common region discussed)?

So, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, and India?

Funny! This and your Nomination post are a crack-up!

I figured it wasn’t going to be Salads :expressionless:. But I’m suprised Takeout isn’t doing better in the Voting phase :relieved: :thumbsup:.

I think they mean just South Asia (areas surrounding India) not South East Asia. But…

could be a yummy month! I’m going for it next month.

Oh my aching colon. Just kiddin’. I’m doin’ okay… I hope :anguished:.


South Asia usually refers to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
South East Asia usually refers to the countries south of China and east of India.


Ah, good question.

I assume it would NOT include SE Asian, actually. The WIkipedia entry for “South Asia” defines the territory thusly:

… Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka…

For the people who voted for South Asia, does this sound like a good representation of what you were voting for?

The Noah Eats World might be an interesting reference, should this nom win…


Anything originating on the Indian subcontinent, and those surrounding areas heavily influenced by it (Pakistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Sri Lanka (so, Ceylon and Assam tea would qualify))

at least, that would be my guess.

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Thanks @paranoidgarliclover and all. :slight_smile: Got it.

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That was me. But yeah, what @boogiebaby, @paranoidgarliclover, and @lectroid said.

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But you didn’t vote for takeout yourself! :wink:

I do have to say that my impression has been that noms geting a lot of votes doesn’t always translate into a final vote. I’m sure there’s some interesting research that could be done in that area. :wink:

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i bet the south asians do

through the process of elimination, of course

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Oh, dear. You just work on adding those Oxford commas, okay? :wink:

Okay, now that we’re talking geography, what about Myanmar? It literally borders India, but Wikipedia calls it SE Asia. Does it count due to the

bit? Because I voted thinking it was time to return to Daw Yee Myanmar Corner again. :anguished:

I don’t think the rules are terribly strict. No one will turn away pretty pictures of a good meal.

“Oxford commas”… yikes. If I have to worry about punctuation on FTC I’m sunk. I suck at it.

i won’t contest the wiki definition, but truth be told, when i saw south asian, my first thought was thailand, laos, cambodia and all those countries.

personally, i’d take a return to yoma over daw yee in sliverlake plus there are THREE new burmese places to try in the SGV: nadi (alhambra) cetana mon & ah may

i watched a lot of mas*h throughout college. 3 reruns a day (detroit, lansing and toledo stations) plus the regular broadcast on monday nights.

i mentioned not believing in them while posting a stream of consciousness rant. doing voiceovers, i never paused in my speech for the oxford comma, so i saw no use in using them in writing.

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Oh okay. I think I understand what you just said (wrote) :relaxed:.