Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2016 -- BBQ/GRILLED MEATS

How did the pastrami turn out?

Really good. I have made it three or four times. I use Meathead’s method, first for the corned beef,, and then for the pastrami, I buy a whole USDA Prime packer brisket from Costco (for a ridiculous $2.85/lb), trim most of the fat cap off saving it for when I grind burgers. Depending on what we are in the mood for I either corn the whole brisket or separate the point and smoke that. The leanest part of the brisket I use for corned beef while the fatty part becomes pastrami (the point is really my favorite for pastrami, but sometimes you just want bbq brisket). I tried using the sous-vide instead of steaming the pastrami but its just not as good.


Thanks for the recipes. I’ll have to try some of these some day.

Started my dining day at Dino’s Chicken and Burgers on Pico for their charbroiled chicken. $7.50-ish for a half chicken.

Spicy, maybe a tad salty, but great smokey taste.

Forgot to take a photo so…

(Photo credit: Menuism)


Baby Blue BBQ’s Gigantic Beef Rib. Yes that is one rib. Wonderful


[quote=“A5KOBE, post:7, topic:3662”]
Snake Rivers ribeye
[/quote] I had a perfect piece at Cut in BH. Home grilling is so iffy. I would never forgive myself if I screwed it up.


I love that photo . One of these days I’m going to make that . I have to say excellent looking . I’ll will dive over the table for that porchetta . Molto bella .


CUT does do the Snake River justice. I actually prefer it to the true Japanese stuff because the fat content is less. But that bone marrow flan is destination worthy. That app keeps me coming back.

Sweet. I don’t think I’ve had the Japanese Snake River. I did have some Japanese Mountain Yam fed A5 Wagyu recently. At least that’s what they told me it was :wink:. That Bone Marrow Flan sounds great.

Grilled last night and tonight. Forgot to take pix last night - shrimp and chicken with romesco sauce. I did remember to take pix tonight - the “infamous and controversial” carne asada from Costco.

My daughter actually was grill master tonight and did a nice job - medium rare/medium.

I offered to get ribeyes or NY strips, but everyone in the household voted carne asada.


Looks good!

Ooops… @A5KOBE. My bad. You probably meant you prefer Snake Rivers over true Japanese. Not that Snake Rivers has cattle of Japanese origin. Anyway, they produce a good piece of meat. :slight_smile:.

Looks delicious - but you basically have cancer now.


At least the “mega-list” of additives will preserve my stricken body for eternity. :dizzy_face:

I think other than corn syrup solids, yeast extract and silicon dioxide - all deemed harmless by food authorities - the rub ingredients fall within a normal range.

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[quote=“bulavinaka, post:34, topic:3662”]
silicon dioxide
[/quote] Nothing wrong with a little sand in your diet. All in moderation :slight_smile:.


A little sand in my diet as well as my head buried in it? :see_no_evil:


We celebrated Independence Day with ribs! A mixture of baby back and St. Louis-style with a homemade whiskey hickory BBQ sauce.



Finger. Lickin’. O.M. Gorgeous!

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Thanks, @bulavinaka!

Smoked some birthday ribs for my lovely bride’s birthday.

Just on…

3 hours in. Ready to wrap…

Ready to come off after one hour wrapped and one hour unwrapped with sauce…