Dish of the Month (DoTM) – SEPTEMBER 2016 – FINAL VOTING

Well, I would expect no less from our esteemed posters, but this was one of the wackiest and most prolific nomination periods (in terms of number of noms). And it was totally suitable for work, which might be an achievement in and of itself. :wink: I also believe this might’ve been the first time that we’ve had someone nominate an entire restaurant (@President_Mochi).

I actually really would’ve liked to have seen how posters would’ve reacted to “Region(al),” but, alas, it was stuck in a three-way tie for fourth. Perhaps next month… :wink:

At any rate, here are the top three nominations. Y’all know how the voting goes (ALL CAPS). Polls (kinda) close on 08/31 @ 8PM. I plan to be eating w/ former colleague at Belle Vie, so you can toss me some last-minute noms there (@TheCookie).

Your choices are

FINGER FOODS (which apparently includes items that require coordinated use of all five fingers)


I vote for TACOS.

I thought “finger foods” was food made of fingers or food resembling fingers, a la chicken fingers…

If a regional food is going to work, someone is going to have to specify the region as part of the nomination.

[quote=“nosh, post:2, topic:4124”]
I thought “finger foods” was food made of fingers or food resembling fingers, a la chicken fingers…
[/quote]That is hilarious.

I won’t go into another regional explanation, again. I think I’ve exhausted that one. But thanks for the shout out @paranoidgarliclover. I’ll try again some other time.

I’m going with TACOS. Husband will be thrilled. He had 9 last night.

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Voting for THAI

do TOE FOODS count?

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No… Jam wasn’t on the list.


vote cast for


How did MOONCAKES not make the final ballot.

I demand a recount. Hanging chads be damned.


THAI for me, please.

Hey, hey, hey, Wing Wah foreva’, blue face!

TACOS get my vote for next month.

THAI, please.

Please to be doing… TACOS

THAI gets my vote.

I don’t blame you. You did a phenomenal taco report. It might be a little like Groundhog Day. I will be using your report if taco wins btw :grin:.

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THAI gets a vote from me

Voting for TACOS

5-5 tie heading down the stretch…

Ooh, who shall cast the deciding vote??? :smiley:

you’ll actually need 2 votes besides mine because I’m a dick and I’m going to force a tie with my vote.