Dish of the Month -- October -- RESULTS

If you looked at the voting thread, then you know it wasn’t even close. BOWLS: 1, PIE: 12.

Savory pies are fine, but, sorry @ElsieDee, not pizza. :slight_smile: But things like quiches are great.

Start posting! :smile:

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One of my favorite pies anywhere…pork pie! Along with grilled chicken and shrimp paste in fried beancurd skin!


FWD - key lime pie


chi spacca - beef cheek and bone marrow pie


Sweet Lady Jane boysenberry pie.


Intriguing. U just pick that bad boy up and haas it down?

Sorry: all those look great but meant that comment for the pork pie

Naw buddy. Fork and knife with right pinky finger raised! Classy like.

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Looks tasty

I just hit up a slab of chocolate cream pie topped with fresh whipped cream from the fucking pan. And yes they ain’t hurting for business one bit.

Damn. That looks fucking insanely dope.

Is that serving for one or what ???

That crust on its own looks like it can set hearts perennially a flutter.

Photo??? :wink:

I don’t know why I put off checking out The Pie Hole for so long.

I could have had a whole one of these maple custard pies in one sitting. So good and not too sweet.

The Mexican chocolate pie with espresso whipped cream and a graham cracker crust was really good, too. Especially that whipped cream.


It’s meant for fucking two but I got it for myself. just because.

Now that’s definitely what I fucking like to hear.

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god that maple custard one looks incredible…kinda of goes well with another slice of another pie too.


Bourbon Pecan pie from the Poppycake Baking Company in Sierra Madre. Tasty filling, definitely sweet and rich bit not cloying… Chock full on nuts! Crust a bit leaden- may have been better when fresh but suffered from refrigeration.

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Ha, I was the sole voter for BOWLS. Well here’s my contributions to pies instead. This is a key lime pie for @farmertomato’s birthday from Clementine. It was nicely tart and creamy. The graham cracker crust is a bit on the thick side, but quite tasty nonetheless. We paired it with Talenti Toasted Almond gelato and McConnell’s Eureka Lemon and Marionberries ice cream.

<img src="//" width=“449” height=“500”

And I’ll testify that it was a damned fine pie.

Hope you had a damned fine birthday too, @farmertomato! Sushi from Iroha was great as ever!

Man, that Eureka Lemon and Marionberry ice cream is THE SHIT!

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