Dish of the Quarter (DoTM) - SUMMER 2018 - FRUIT


I know we have done fruit before, but let’s share what our favorite chefs and restaurants are doing with the beautiful fruits of summer this year.

And feel free to share homecooking also.

This is the best time of the year in California! :watermelon::cherries::peach::tomato::avocado::eggplant::corn::cucumber::baguette_bread::green_salad::icecream::tropical_drink:


Agreed. Once the stone fruits arrive my weekly farmers market bill doubles. The donut peaches at Arnett Farms are excellent right now.

I know this isn’t a dish but still so good.


White wine sangria via Maria Lorraine of CH. (Couldn’t figure out how to just give us link so please excuse)

maria lorraine Jul 24, 2007 07:41 PM
I wonder if you have seen the recent LA Times article on Sangrias. One of the recipes is for a White peach-Riesling sangria:
Servings: 6

750ml. bottle dry Riesling
1 1/2 cups white cranberry-peach drink
1/2 cup peach nectar
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons simple syrup – equal parts sugar and water heated till sugar melts
1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 lemons, cut in 1/2 -inch slices
2 oranges, cut in 1/2 -inch slices
2 ripe white peaches, cut into wedges
10 fresh raspberries
Club soda, if desired
Fresh mint sprigs, if desired

Paraphrased procedure: Combine all ingredients and chill, best if chilled for 2-3 days to allow flavors to marry. Serve in pretty glass over ice with an optional float of club soda and sprig of mint. Can make pretty ice cubes by freezing raspberry or other small berry in each cube.


Hey, it’s fruit, and those are gorgeous! I would’ve taken a photo also.

Tartine with arugula, pancetta and strawberries .


This is going to be the summer of me making vermouth cocktails with fresh fruit as i tried in Bilbao in april… blew us away… and their fruit was just average.


Did you make or buy this? It’s gorgeous!


Could you talk more about this please? And is there a spirits board? i.e., I know nothing about vermouth.


Vermouth isn’t a spirit, i think it’s a fortified wine, it’s around 15% and it’s a bitter sweet beverage. I’ve had it plenty for dessert around here but over there they use a huge wine glass, with ice cubes, squeeze citrus, put orange slices, grapes, we saw all sorts of fruits, twists of citrus rind etc… it’s very refreshing

Spanish vermouth is not the stuff you think of as with the dry stuff used in martini preparations


I was having a case of stupidity :slight_smile: I knew it’s a wine and that there’s sweet and dry. And that’s about it. I occasionally have a martini. Thanks for the nudge.


Get a nice bottle from a proper wine shop and you’ll be in love. It’s such a fun way to start or end a meal. I’ve found bottles around 20$ in la that are great

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Neat or rocks?


i’ve seen it mostly neat in bars around LA but some (like Tabula Rasa) are starting to emulate the way of the spaniards and make them up into cocktails on rocks


@Nemroz Do you have any suggestions for favorite vermouths you’ve been able to try locally? Love this idea!


Tabula Rasa will have a 2 or 3 nice ones to try. Stanley’s Wet Goods has them as well and bottles to go.

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Thanks for the tips! I love that Stanley’s offers online sales.


It’s a modern wine shop, not surprising… they’re good… pricing is noticeably higher than k&l

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If you go to k&l it’s worth grabbing a bottle of the Spanish gin wint & lila

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Cross-reference from Casa Modena - Playa Vista

I love the toothpicks.

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H @Nemroz, I attempted your drink and it’s darn good.

I added a bit of vodka because I was feeling decadent. I cut up grapefruit, Valencia oranges, and loquats from trees around my neighborhood. (My neighbors are so generous.) You’re right, it’s very refreshing. A great summer afternoon drink.


murray farms cherries
If you put fruit on your dessert it counts as a salad #fruitsalad