Do you cook with distilled water?

I’ve heard and read so many conflicting reasons for/against using distilled water in cooking.

Ranging from yes! because it’s pure and lends a cleaner taste to your foods (especially the steamed kind) to no! because distilled water is essentially void of minerals it tends to (overly) absorb the nutrients from your foodstuff.

What’s your opinion? Assuming you have one … I sort of don’t.

I use it for ferments and pickles, because that’s what the instructions say. Then again, if I don’t have any in the house, I use tap water and have never noticed a difference. Regular cooking, steaming, ice water, lemonade, etc., no. I even use tap water for my Soda Stream.

does making ice cubes with distilled water count as cooking?

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Of course, ice cubes (at least the cube part) certainly doesn’t make itself.

Never. Maybe some water makes steam taste funny, but I’ve never encountered that. I’ve stayed in places where I made coffee with bottled (not distilled) water because the tap made it awful.

Heston Blumenthal got into molecular gastronomy because he wondered why green beans he boiled at home stayed green while the ones he boiled at his restaurant didn’t.

Ice cubes, before I got: a) a refrigerator that makes those shitty, cloudy crescents and b) a child. Now I have no energy or time to be an actual human being with hobbies or interests.

I use filtered water to cook with because why not. But never distilled.

Never. I do use bottled water when I’m in Buenos Aires, sometimes even to boil pasta, so I don’t eat chlorine-flavored pasta. I use bottled water for coffee in most “not Berkeley home” locations. But distilled? Never.