Do you eat where you shop?

Some of those prepared food areas and concessions at supermarkets serve some good eats. Do you take a break while shopping and have a slice or a sandwich? Perhaps even sample a beer? What and where are your favorites?

where I shop? Sure. Corti Bros is Sacrmento’s fancy-schmancy grocery store (they regularly have guanciale at the deli) and I often get a sandwich to go for lunch. They roast their own roast beef. The new Mexican market has fabulous carnitas, chicharon, and other goodies. And I’m not above snagging a few dumplings at the ranch 99 food court if I’m there.

But WHILE I’m shopping? No. Shopping is shopping and ready-to-eat will not be eaten in the store. In the car if I’m starving but I’ll wait for get home like a civilized person most of the time.

This doesn’t cover making an impromptu ‘lunch’ of Costco samples.


My usual grocery store, Berkeley Bowl West, has a cafe, but I almost always eat before I go there, and if I was hungry I’d just get some stuff to eat at home.

I tried Costco’s pizza, hot dog, and turkey bake once each out of curiosity. If I’m hungry I stop at a nearby banh mi place instead.

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I’m always on the run, so I am more apt to get some chicken tenders or a wrap and then eat it in the car before I have to get somewhere rather than spend the time eating at the store. Even when the nicer groceries, co-ops and Everytable (Which is a ready to h/eat meal place) have an inviting seating area, it’s still not as nice as a restaurant or even my house, so I rarely have any desire to eat there vs. grabbing something tastier and better prepared from a fast casual place like Simply Salad.

There is a Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA. that tested various food counters within the store. It actually became a destination for us when visiting the area. There is a seafood counter, BBQ counter, ramen counter, even a beer bar where you can taste local craft brews. All at a reasonable price.
Meanwhile, Wegman’s Markets actually have a built-in community area with seating. One time I saw a large round table occupied by a group of women playing mahjong. It was encouraged by the management. Of course, there was food too from the surrounding food sections…