Does Leo's Tacos put the al pastor from the spit in burritos?

A friend and I got some Leo’s tacos and she asked for the al pastor from the spit in a burrito and they used the kind that they use during the day when the spit is not available. I saw her point at the spit and ask for that meat. Of course, she still got al pastor but not from the spit. The cashier knew that is what she wanted, so there was no confusion. Do they not make burritos with the spit meat?

I’ve had non-spit meat tacos from Leo’s. Apparently spit meat only emerges later in the evening.

I have never seen the spit meat not go into a taco.

correct, they don’t use the spit for burritos. All burritos are made inside the truck with their own meat.

boo, Leo’s

Were you saying “boo” or “boo-urns”?


Between repeated references to “spit meat” and the oddball callout to the Simpsons, this thread has me cackling like an idiot.

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Is it not a spit? lol? lmao at boo-urns.

I saw a Leo’s Tacos truck on the corner of Avalon and Lomita. It looked like a fugazi.

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Damn they are getting big I lost track after midcity, echo park, and hollywood.

I prefer the Hollywood location because of the parking. Or you can bang bang Pa Ord-Northern Thai Food Club than catch a show at Upright Citizens than post show at Leo’s than more shenanigans…take your pick Hollywood, Ktown, Thai Town, West Hollywood,Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park all close by