Dominique Ansel opening up LA bakery and restaurant

Maybe it was the novelty of a NYC spot opening in L.A.? It’s funny most people talk about the breakfast sandwich or the coffee, but hardly ever the donuts.

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Their donuts are legit bad. The only explanation is nostalgia and homesickness.

A great question. Vito’s reminds me of the pizza there but not as awesome of toppings and 2.5x the price.

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These days it pretty much is although I remember Dunkin’ Donuts being much better in the 60’s (it could be nostalgia, but I think they were using much better quality ingredients back then. Even Micky-D’s was pretty good then too). My grandparents would always have a couple fresh DD dozen boxes on the kitchen counter every Sunday morning.


McDonalds used to serve burgers straight from a flat top.

I am not sure at what point McDonalds stop doing this…


But hey those fries, vanilla soft serve, and filet o’fish! And in a pinch or on the road those breakfast sandwiches ain’t so bad.

yes, and made with real beef! beef fat fries! and lets not forget shakes make w/ real ice cream!!! They stopped all that real ingredient nonsense sometime in the 70s.

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Ipse, you mentioned this place on another thread (the NYC splurge thread) and I’m thinking I’m gonna check it out, though I’m a bit skeptical of the current theme, which appears to be Dominique’s Dessert Barbeque. Do you remember if that was the same theme you had when you went?

Mine was American dreams

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I remember this distinctly. It was around '95 or '96. Before that, I always ordered my burger as a “grill”, with ketchup and onions only, to get it freshly grilled and avoid being served one from under the heat lamps. Right around that time, they started par-grilling the burgers, and then nuking them to order. Since then, they’ve gone through various iterations with clamshells, steam cabinets, “assembled-to-order”, etc. They really haven’t been any good once you could no longer get them right off the grill.

When they went to a centralized bakery, which likely forced them to change recipes to extend shelf-life, is the moment the donuts became inedible.

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In the article, they mention an owner in San Diego who bought into the first Dunkin So Cal expansion. He says he went to DDU and still makes all of the donuts that he did when he was a Dunkin Franchisee. I want to track his place down to see If they make an Original Dunkin Donut. It’s an Old Fashioned Donut with a handle for Dunking. It looks like a capital letter Q.


“That old faithful, the classic doughnut with the handle, the only doughnut officially called the Dunkin’ Donut, is going off the market, off the wire shelves, off to the doughnut graveyard.
They say it’s progress — that the doughnut-with-the-handle has to be cut by hand while the company’s new improved doughnut mix can’t be handled a lot. It has to be cut by machine.”

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Forgive a sad old man, but… what’s the function of ‘likes’ in the context of FTC? I get Reddit has up and down votes to sort of crowd-source stuff that’s interesting and hide stuff that isn’t. I get why facebook has a similar mechanism. But why do we use them here? Is it meant to surface the most ‘liked’ posts when searching archives? Is there a homepage that we’re not using that would push the posts with the most likes to the front (useful for VERY large, busy boards)?

I don’t have facebook, or twitter, or any of the big social media bits, and I’ve never ever ‘liked’ anything.

So… should I start or something?

I call them “likes”, but they’re actually the “thumbs up” icon at the bottom of a post. I think a “thumbs down” icon was ruled out, to keep things civilized and spare hurt feelings haha. As you can see it doesn’t always work.

ahhhh, that makes sense. too bad.

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You can still ask for one “fresh” and they might do it for you. Just don’t do it when it’s crowded.

It’ll be taking over Morel’s at The Grove.

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Just read the article as well.

Yah, The Grove is now going to be even more of a madhouse to get into. I can’t imagine what the lines will be like there + normal tourist traffic + random special events they have, etc. :sweat:


that’s quite the upgrade.


Yeah, my gut reaction to that location was, “nope - not going to happen.” It’s going to be one of those places that I will try if I happen to be at The Grove, which is almost never.