Doris Metropolitian in French Quarter

I didn’t have dinner reservations on Friday night because I thought we would be at Galatoires all day for lunch. Instead, we went somewhere else and did want dinner later. The bartender at Bar O said she had had a fantastic meal at Doris Metropolitian and my husband was craving steak so we made a late reservation there. The bartender raved about the beet appetizer stuffed with cheese, which we ordered. It was good but on the mild side for my tastes. The steaks, on the other hand, were awesome. They cook theirs sous-vide. I got the 31 day aged rib-eye, which I thought was fantastic. My husband thought the sous-vide cooking was not the best way to serve dry-aged prime steak, preferring pan-fried. But regardless, he did enjoy his steak, a 21 day-aged prime rib, which was not as tender as mine. Service was good, if a little overly chatty.

The asparagus side was delicious!


LOVE Doris Metropolitan . . .

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Steak looks great :kissing_smiling_eyes:.

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