Doubting Thomas - Breakfast Burrito

I’ve now been to Doubting Thomas three times to try the Thomas breakfast burrito, and it’s been outstanding and very consistent each time.

Pork shoulder, egg, cheese, potato, smoked chili, cilantro and tomatillo salsa. Once wrapped, the burrito is put back on the grill, so the outside has a nice firm texture. The flavors are rich and satisfying. If there’s anything negative it’s the price/size ratio. It’s a fairly small burrito but it’s $12. I think it’s worth it, given the quality of ingredients, and it’s big enough for my appetite. But be aware of this.

Today I also tried a bakery item: Goat cheese and mushroom pastry.
It’s a flaky pastry, surprisingly cheesy inside and the mushrooms were earthy as I like them. For some reason I’ve been on a mushroom kick recently. I didn’t really get the tanginess of the goat cheese I was expecting. It had the texture of a softer cheese, but oddly I got more of a parmesan flavor. I enjoyed it.


I go there almost weekly.

And while I adore their breakfast burrito, I think a true hidden gem there is the biscuits and gravy. It would be completely over-the-top if they topped it with their pulled pork.