Dragon Gate - Oakland Taiwanese & happy hour

Wandered in for a late lunch on Sunday and it happened to be happy hour, so we ordered a bunch of the $5 specials. Menu didn’t make it clear but when we got the tab the draft beers were $4 instead of the $6-7 on the menu.

The place has sort of upscale-sport-bar-gone-to-seed vibe. Lots of TVs with various sports, T-pop soundtrack.

$5 fried green beans,actually stir-fried, blistered and tender rather than crunchy. Very nice, hint of five-spice or star anise.

$5 cold appetizer assortment (“braised dishes” on the menu), couple of kinds of tendon, tofu, pig ear, some sort of seaweed noodle? Solid and an excellent value.

$5 takoyaki, more like croquettes dotted with a few little bits of octopus. Tasty but in a drunk-food way, like a Japanese answer to poutine.

$5 fried fresh shitake mushrooms, crunchy and good, the basil really made the dish. Huge portion.

Three-cup chicken ($12), came out sizzling and steaming. Very tasty.

Dried radish omelette ($9), really good.

Grilled sausage ($8), fine but probably wouldn’t order again.

Great value overall. The two of us took home about half the cold appetizers, chicken, and omelette.

My report on Chowhound from the previous time I went there:


Online menu:


Drinks menu:

Weekday lunch specials:

“Chives hamburger” turned out to be a vegetarian fried turnover filled with chives and glass noodles. Not my thing.

Butter braised cabbage with bacon. Good but pretty German-tasting.

Three-cup veggies and tofu, ordered because they were out of both kinds of squid. Chicken was better.