Dresden or Dresden Room?

News just reported that Marty Roberts, of Marty and Elayne, has passed away at 89. They were a singing duo who were staples at Los Feliz’s Dresden for 35 years. News and Yelp are calling it “The Dresden” and their website says “The Dresden Restaurant and Lounge”. I haven’t been there in years but remember it as “The Dresden Room”. Can anyone shed any light on the chronology of the name?

I don’t remember the food there as being anything to rave about but Marty and Elayne were truly classic lounge entertainers. Seems like we’re losing lots of folks this month. At least most of them have lived long lives.


RIP I am so glad I got to see them perform. They were LA’s greatest continuous live act.

To me it was always The Dresden. Never had the food but I did enjoy some Blood and Sand cocktail while watching Marty and Elayne.


RIP Marty.

I don’t know what the official name is, but it was always The Dresden to me and don’t recall ever being referred as anything but that.

I had many a fun boozy night at the Dresden (Room), I used both monikers.
There are other rooms there (no music, just eating and drinking) so I always assumed “The Room” was where Marty and Elayne played and the whole establishment was just “The Dresden.”

Swingers made it virtually impossible to get in.
Cannot say that I recalled them being in Tom Petty’s “Yer So Bad” video but there they are.


RIP Marty.

Swingers is on HBO Max FYI


We always said “The Dresden” and that could be just a local shortened version.
“Hey meet me at The Dresden” also shortened is Musso and Franks “lets meet at Musso’s”
They will be missed always a good time.
The dining room is a wonderful time capsule,

It’s interesting that the Trip Advisor page refers to it as The Dresden Room.