Drinks/small bites near LA Live

Looking for a place at LA live or walking distance for cocktails or wine with small bites
Thank you

Broken Spanish is perfect.


Second this.

Thank you
Broken Spanish (and before it Rivera) would have been top of the list, but I am looking for alternatives, because about 2 weeks ago, I endured one of the most dreadful meals at Broken Spanish.


Do you mind elaborating? Because as a self-proclaimed Broken Spanish fan girl, that makes me sad. :disappointed_relieved:

Believe me, we were Broken Spanish fans as well, having gone there more than 10 times
On a Sunday few weeks ago nothing went right though
First few courses were fine, then there was about 20 minute gap of no food served after which a few more courses appeared. After that another 20 min gap and we were expecting a few middle courses. Meanwhile I was talking to the manager/wine guy about getting a bottle of wine to pair with chicarron which we ordered for our main course. So we pick a bottle and wait for our middle courses but suddenly chicarron appears! We were still expecting a few lighter dishes so i called our waiter and he said that kitchen screwed up and he will make things right.
They took away the chicarron and after 15 minutes or so brought the dishes we expected.
After that the chicarron arrived, and I asked the wine guy about that bottle we ordered to pair with it. He responded by saying they forgot to chill it and will take another 10 min.
By the time we unwrapped the chicarron it was the driest, hardest cold thing ever! My suspicion is that it was the original chicarron they brought out for us earlier that just Sat under the heat lamp or the oven this whole time. We left most of it uneaten
All that and the cazuela tasting like syrup were the source of our disappointment.
I did not complain to anyone and generally don’t like we doing the dish back but perhaps I should have. Even if they comped the whole meal I don’t think they could have fixed the negative vibe.

Hi @beam,

Thanks for sharing. We don’t like complaining either, but your experience definitely deserves a mention to the manager. Restaurants are run by human beings, and some of them make an error in judgement (like thinking they’ll just leave your dish that arrived too early under a heat lamp or sitting somewhere), rather than admit to the kitchen the mistake and let the chef make the call.

I thought of complaining but since the manager was part of the screw up and I am sure Ray Garcia was not present I was uncertain who to complain to.
I might give it another try, maybe even tonight but just small plates and drinks
No chicharron for now

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WP24 or Nest.

I’m the same way but I think I would have said something here. I know, though, talk is cheap.

And after enough screw ups, one begins to feel like, Why even bother? Time to leave and never come back.

We ended up going to Broken Spanish, and sat at the bar and ordered a few
small plates. Watching the whole operation of the bar and paying closer
attention to drinks and small dishes we were served, I concluded that
definitely some dishes were not as good as they used to be.