DTLA adjacent lunch

Going to spend the morning at Epicurus Gourmet and do lunch somewhere on the way home (basically any freeway running south towards the OC area). My cousin will be joining me on this jaunt. Open budget. Open to all cuisines except Mexican…she’s not savvy enough to know that Mexican can be high-end. Probably going to need cocktails or some sort of liquid fun with lunch. Was thinking of Raku, but we hit that our last trip to Vegas. So I’m drawing a blank.
I’m packing a cooler with ice packs so any purchases made at Epicurus will be fine for a bit.

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If you are doing this Wed, Thu, Fri, or Sat., reserve 2 (or 3?!) bento boxes from Hayato!

If you are doing this Sat., call in advance on Friday to order 2-8 raciones of paella for Saturday afternoon pickup at La Española in Harbor City. You can gorge on the paella right there on their adjacent patio. They also have bocadillos and croquetas on the menu there as well.

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Restaurant 917

Miyabi Uni

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Cento pasta bar
Little sister
Orsa & winston
Gwang yang


Alas…we’ll be out on a Tuesday. That’s a brilliant idea. Bento and Rappahanock and maybe some Pikunico.


It’s taco Tuesday at Tacos Manzano. You can get 5 carnitas tacos and an orange bang for $7.

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If I was by myself, I would totally do this. And stop at two other places.

We got an early start so I thought it would be fun to start with breakfast/brunch at Republique. She grew up in Paris and she was so excited to eat through the pastry counter alone…and kept her order simple to the croque madame. I had kimchi fried rice with the short ribs, pickles and sous vide egg. We shared a slice of the passion fruit pie and had a couple of champagne cocktails. She loved it all. I loved this particular rice bowl way more than what I had at Sari Sari.

It was a successful Christmas shopping trip to Epicurus. Between my cousin and I, we spent about $600 in treats and gifts. We bought over a pound of foie terrine alone…I will miss you, foie.
On the way home, we stopped at Restaurant 917. We were still pretty full from our first stop, so we decided to order small plates and have wine. We tried the oysters, the ahi tuna, and the octopus…I really enjoyed the octopus the most. It was a fun day out.