Eaterla Cheap Eats List

Fun list, with quite a few I never heard of, let alone tried.
Holbox is many (very good) things but cheap is not one of those things, IMHO. Cheap location, yes.

And this thing is hysterical:


By the way if anyone can teach me how to log in and comment on Eater’s web page, I would appreciate it. I do have a log in name/account/pw but every time I try to comment I cannot find a way do it. Maybe they turned me “off” (purposely).


One place that should get more publicity is L Fish.

Baja-style fish and shrimp tacos, dipped in herb-infused batter, and then deep-fried to a light golden hue. To be honest, I find that the fish and shrimp are better eaten sans tortilla, and simply garnished with the accoutrements on hand and enjoyed sort of like the Mexican version of Fish N Chips.

L Fish
3205 4th St.
Boyle Heights


I had an issue with that, too, a while back. Email them at .

Does Meatzilla really exist? I was unable to verify that last time this came up.


Apparently so:

I know we all grumble when our favorites are left off lists, but I think I have good reason. My favorite cheap meal is Cantinho Brasileiro. It’s a Brazilian take out window that is inside El Camaguey market. The entrees come with black beans or pinto beans, fries or salad or 1/2 and 1/2 or potato salad. I have a big appetite and I get two meals out of my order. They cook to order so you have to wait about 15 minutes for your food to be ready. This is genius on their part as it means I’ll be wandering around the grocery store seeing things I must buy.

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On most nights in L.A., $2 buys this…
(cue the Randy Newman: “… WE LOVE IT!”)


Al pastor? where?

This one is just outside Habayit most nights.

I think taco stands/trucks need to be their own category of cheap eats; otherwise they would swallow up the entire category.

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How’s the Sat only (if Yelp is correct) Fejoida?

I’ve never tried the Fejoida. I’m a pescatarian, so I’ve only tried the fish which is tasty and filling.

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