Edomae Sushi Suggestions in LA?

Hello all! New to the board but I’ve already spent some time looking through all the amazing posts on here. I haven’t previously had any high-end sushi experience before but took a trip to Japan earlier this year where I had an opportunity to try some amazing sushi. Now that I’m back home I was hoping to try some more traditional Edomae-style sushi in LA before my next trip.

I tried Tsujita (West LA/Sawtelle) for lunch after I got back and I hope to return for dinner. I also have Q Sushi (Downtown) on my list, despite what I saw on this board. However, reading deeper on this board, it appears I am missing some other obvious favorites, like Mori, and was hoping to solicit some additional recommendations. Also, has anyone tried Tsujita for dinner or Q Sushi for lunch recently? Thanks in advance!

Shin sushi




Sushi Ginza Onodera


Make a reservation for Q. I’ve tried to go there for lunch twice without one and both times they were closed.

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Thank you for the recommendations and your photos look amazing! Appreciate the links to all your prior write ups. Hadn’t seen them all so it was very helpful!

Shin looks great but I sadly come from east of San Gabriel and don’t think I could make it to Encino without losing my sanity in traffic. I’m definitely going to have to try Shunji and Shiki now. SGO appears to be a bit higher than my budget sadly. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely do that when I decide to pull the trigger.

Just say no to Q

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I love Q Sushi.

You just have to go with John.

Were you always a fan of Q, or has a recent meal there changed your mind?

I just know who to go with when I patronize Q.

What times does Sergio John usually work at Q?

No, John Quinn, the owner.

Ah yes, John with offices in L.A., Tokyo, Stuttgart, HK, Shanghai, etc. So I presume Hiro-san doesn’t pass you off to the kohai, then. Must be nice.

Threw in the towel after a couple of visits and relegated to kohai each time. Fuk that…


Can’t make a reservation there requesting to sit in front of hiro-san?

Haha I guess I’ll have to make sure to adjust my expectations accordingly!

Q is very good, regardless of whom you go with. Mori is also very good. Urasawa is very good but too grandiose a meal for most purposes.

With all due respect to the food-obsessed and experienced diners on this board, I doubt anyone here has such discerning tastes that the difference in sushi chefs at a place like Q matters. But if you really care, Hiro-san has been the only chef for lunch the past few times I went.

Aside: For the best QPR sushi in California, try Gintei in San Bruno (very close to SFO).

We dullards bow to your magnificence, oh ye New FTC User of the Month…


Sure it matters - sometimes, differences are apparent. Though at Q, I’ve always sat with Hiro-San.

Gintei is fine - I’ve been several times and the QPR is pretty good, in part because QPR is otherwise quite terrible in SF.

I’ve sat with one chef whom I liked (I believe it was Sam? Or “charlie?” I forgot.). Anyway, he left and my next meal after that wasn’t so good. Akami was cut closer to ito zukuri and tako or ika was cut a bit thicker than hira zukuri. Proportions and textures were off, and I haven’t been back since then. Perhaps that knifework was by a junior chef or they’ve since improved chefs. I don’t know - but I’m saying that sometimes the chef definitely matters.

We’ve sat with 4 different chefs at Sushi Ginza Onodera and can tell the difference between the meals. Same types of neta, for direct comparison. It’s not some secret knowledge - sushi, just like many other cuisines, thrives on details. People get used to those details through repeat visits. Heck, there are many types of food with which diners can discern the difference between chefs. I’ve been to Saison on back to back months with some of the exact same dishes and noticed a difference when chef Josh was in the kitchen.

Also, Gintei is a 5 hour drive from LA. I don’t think it’s best QPR in California, but OP was asking for LA specifically, anyway.