Eleven Madison Park: 5/28/17

Went to go have lunch at the bar today. Let me weigh it out:

Pros: Food was good. I was comped a dessert. The duck was really amazing. The food was pretty.

Cons: Zero warmth in the service. Long stretches of time before I was attended to or even had my order taken – minimal check-ins. Although the food was decent, none of it had any wow factor (aside from the duck). Although the menu was a la carte, the portions were tasting menu size. The bartenders were constantly banging their shakers on to the bar right in front of me with great force and gusto. I have one dietary restriction and they had to keep going back to the kitchen to find out that two of the items I ordered or a no-go for me. Although they comped a dessert for me, it was pretty unremarkable – like a fancy Butterfinger. And if I may continue to nitpick, at a restaurant with this large reputation and at such a high price point, I would expect that amuse/mignardises would be provided. I got some at the end, but it was “special” for some reason.

A friend told me that they sometimes serve a five course tasting at the bar for $125. For whatever reason, this was not a day they were offering it. Even with my comped dessert, my bill came to about $105 Comparatively speaking, the QPR is no good. One last note: in the main dining room, a huge brigade of waitstaff was scurrying around the room, like well choreographed worker bees. In contrast, it looks like us bar customers were being treated like the red headed step children – zero fuss at all.

I’ve been bitten too much by these goofy Pellegino List/Three Star promises, I think. I’m going to go and have some tacos at Chelsea Market tonight.

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Sounds like a bummer! Get some oysters @ Cull & Pistol while you’re at Chelsea market or perhaps some lowbrow eats at B&D Halal or Mad Sq Eats

This little plate from Tacos No. 1 did right by me! Quesadilla was the closest I’ve had to these ones I used to get in Puerto Vallarta at 4am. Very soul satisfying.

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Good to know. NYC hasn’t been known for their Mexican food.

That’s changing. Maybe already changed.

That’s terrific. Even though - I believe - not many Mexicans immigrate there, no reason for the food to lag. NYC and the environs do so many things so very well.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The New York City area represents the largest Hispanic city in the United States with a population of 2.3 million Latinos according to the 2010 census.

I haven’t read this yet - dinner time soon here - but I’m talking about MEXICANS (as I wrote) not “Hispanic.” Huge difference, darling :slight_smile:

Here’s an update

So, yes, it makes sense that their food has improved. Since we live where there’s great Mexican food I usually go elsewhere for food in NYC. And, no, I’m not fucking kidding you :slight_smile:

The trip to Japan has ruined you.

That sucks about EMP. The service was a high point on my last visit there 2-3 years back.

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Just one caveat on the service issue(s) with the OP.

It was lunch. At the bar.

That said, while I’m not a fan of EMP generally (food or service), the times I’ve been the service in the dining room has been nothing but impeccable. Sometimes bordering on extreme anal meticulousness.

Don’t I know it!

Granted, these were the circumstances. Yet, should we suspend the three-star status and let the management slide for anything lesser than the dinner experience? Doesn’t the Michelin mantle hold true for every customer who is served at the restaurant at at any time?

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Ever been to Masa? Sit at the bar? Then go another time and sit in the dining room? You’d wonder if it was a cloudy night and their Michelin stars were lost in the night sky.

The gulag is real…

Or the whole Michelin star system in the U.S. is as worthwhile as the nutritional density of Peeps.