Embassy Kitchen Alhambra Branch Goes Full All You Can Eat

I know there have been a few non buffet, non hotpot AYCE restaurants, like some of the sushi restaurants. I also recall Happy Family vegetarian in Monterey Park having an AYCE menu section pre-pandemic. But I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything like Embassy Kitchen Alhambra and it’s full $24 lunch and $29 dinner all you can eat. You can actually order a la carte for full sized portions on their dishes but those prices seem so high that you wouldn’t think too many people would do so. And how do you cook all these dishes to order for an AYCE crowd? I’m not sure this strategy is manageable and I’m curious how it works out.


Is the Beijing Peking duck excluded from the menu?

I bet if someone goes in the first week or so the food quality will be really good and as time goes the food quality will suffer.

I plucked this menu of off Yelp, but the implication is that things like expensive seafood and other specialty dishes are no longer served. (I didn’t notice that Peking duck was item 1 on the menu.)

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Here’s a review from Yelp.

There was also a positive review it looks like from a photo that poster ordered Peking duck and they brought out two slices of duck pre made in two baos


Shitty food, AND excellent service?! Something is rotten in the state of SGV…


Well this is certainly creating quite a stir in the SGV. A posting of the menu generated over 200 comments in 4 hours on the SGV eats Facebook group. Who knows how much more on Chinese language social media. I still wonder about the logistics of delivering all that.


Ayce but not buffet? Bold.

Please share Chinese language Socal social media groups?

Ah yes the duality of Yelp.


This might be one. https://thechihuo.com/

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Wonder if this is kitchen made dim sum or bulk frozen?

Curious about the number of sgv restaurants are serving their own dim sum or frozen…

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Actually the better question doesn’t relate to frozen, but rather supplied fresh by a food service company. That may be the case for some more common dim sum items, with more distinctive varieties prepared in-house.

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