Enoteca Mediterraneo - Albany

A delightful little spot on Solano. A selection of small Mediterranean-type plates along with a pleasant selection of wine - everything reasonably priced (wines ranged from $7 to $12/glass). We grazed on one plate at a time, and made a full dinner out of it, starting with an olive/tomato/goat cheese bruschetta, then a pear/quince/salumi plate. This, followed by a chardonnay marinated herring plate, and then a sausage with kraut and pickled vegetables.

I had a California white blend, followed by a Spanish rosé, and then a California Petite Sirah.

That food, 6 glasses of wine, out the door for $115 plus tip. Delightful guy owns/runs the place. He’s opening up a small value-oriented retail wine shop in the adjoining space. Bar seating only - no tables.

Apparently we have Trump to thank for that place.

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Forgot to add … we finished up with a slice of halva with some chocolate drizzle / sesame seed sprinkle, and almond cookies.

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