Epicure Paris

This was probably my favorite restaurant of my trip. Some other places I went to were Arpège, Astrance, Neige D’ete (Thanks @J_L for the recommendation), Maison Rostang, Le Relais Louis XIII, and many more. I can’t remember on the top of my head. Hopefully I come around to posting them.


Amuse Bouche that I don’t rememer

Forgot to snap a pic of the bread basket

Butternut squash amuse bouche

The best shellfish I’ve had

Macaroni filled with black truffle, foie gras, artichoke, and Parmesan

A €290 hen from Bresse poached in a bladder

1st service: Breast with crayfish, mushrooms, and sweets of giblets

2nd service: Legs roasted with verbena, and mesclun salad.

Palate cleanser

Coconut: Lime sorbet, with chocolate crunch/shell

Dessert cart:
Although I didn’t eat many macarons on this trip, these were my favorite


Looks very nice. How was the Bresse hen in the pig’s bladder, and what is the dish just before it? Thanks.

It was excellent. The most tender and flavorful chicken I’ve had. Extremely rich, but the acidity in the sauce cuts though it nicely. I would definitely order it again. The dish prior to this was macaroni stuffed with truffle, foie gras, artichoke, and Parmesan.


I love nice vin jaune chicken dishes. So good with comte and morels, too. But this one with crayfish and a leek-truffle sauce sounds fantastic.

Nice use of the artichokes and leeks to balance the richness of those courses.

The OG “sous vide”!