Estrano - pasta popup (lataco)

anyone happen to have been?

chef’s pedigree is from the Bestia/Bavel lineage

“green curry biang biang” combines Chinese noodles with creamy, herby, and slightly spicy Thai curry. “tortellini en pozole verde”
“black metal Maruchan” - noodles covered in a squid ink sauce with extremely beefy honeycomb tripe
“beef tongue llapingacho”

from their instagram estranothings :

904 n virgil ave, east hollywood


Yup! I’ve been a bunch. Big fan.


Anyone go last night? Looks really good.

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Guess I’m the resident Estrano groupie around here. I didn’t go last night but went to the charity pop-up with comfy pup, quarantine pizza, and more last week. Still a total madman, still big crowds and a long wait, and also still really awesome. Loved the ramen alfredo with crispy pork belly, and the massaman curry mazeman ramen was very odd and fun. Highly recommend if you bring a couple friends and show up prepared for a wait. Fun scene/good vibes so the line doesn’t seem so bad.


Yeah, I’m a big fan too, of both Estrano and Little Dacha (think there’s a connection between the two). Estrano feels like a quintessentially only in LA thing and is purely that dude and his perspective.