Eureka! - burgers, beer, whiskey - mostly California chain

We go to the Berkeley branch sometimes as they’re open late. Went the other night for the first time since before lockdown. Currently no late-night happy hour.

Basic “American” cheeseburger is good. I order medium-rare and they don’t overcook it. Good bun. Never tried any of the other burger variations.

Fries (come by default with the burger) and onion rings (currently off the menu) were not good the first time we went so have not ordered them again. We substituted broccolini and cole slaw, good except the slaw always needs salt so ask for a shaker when ordering.

Nachos are pretty good but would have been better if I’d remembered to order the oddly sweet chipotle sauce on the side.

Riblets were terrible. They took them off the bill.

The corn-dog bites were good but currently off the menu.

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Forgot I had these photos.