Extensive Paso Robles knowledge available to you on request

I’m going to Bar Le Cote this weekend, can anyone recommend a winery close by or in between them and Solvang? @Nemroz


They’re in Los Olivos so you’d do well to taste right in town to get a food buzz going. I love Knife & Barrel, Dragonette, Samsara all by each other. If you want nice vineyard vibes go to Demetria or maybe Rideau. If taking the 101 there are great Pinot options toward Santa Rita hills (pence is a great visit)


Thank you!!

A new place has opened which looks to be good. It’s by the L’Aventure folks (bleh) and is called Les Petites Canailles

Tercero (in town in Los Olivos) is a favorite of ours. If owner/winemaker Larry Schaeffer is there it will be extra special.

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my personal favorites in Paso Robles (original subject matter of the thread) are Turley and Tablas Creek. I don’t even like big jammy wines, but I love Turley for some reason. It’s the only Zinfandel I care about. Turley is also a good visit because one of its best vineyards IMO (Pesenti) is adjacent to the parking lot / tasting room. the vines are really gnarly (literally).

my favorite in Santa Ynez is Samsara.

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Yes, we used to go to Turley a lot in the early days. Always big zins!

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Curious. What’s the connection to L’Aventure? The backstory on the website doesn’t seem to mention any and I didn’t note any L’Aventure
wines on the wine list.

Chef at LPC is son of winemaker/owner of L’Aventure

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Cambria has been our Paso homenbase for years now since we normally go in the summer and we’re not having that 100 degree bs. Plus coast is gorgeous and we’re in Templeton in 30 minutes of a pretty ride.

True Foods market has nice healthy deli options which we’ve been hitting for lunches.

Stolo is a nice winery visit with beautiful outdoors. We were members for years but decided the perks just aren’t what they used to be but still really nice to get a bottle and just kick it on their lawn.

Linn’s Bakery has some really nice stuff like the olallieberry milkshake and cake. Miss their Farm store which is no longer open to public… they live there so that makes sense… but this was our breakfast staple for a long time.

West End turned out to be a big surprise visit with very oldschool convivial spirid. Best taplist around by far with multiple Russian River options on tap for example. Nice simple food.

When in Paso you definitely do want to go to SENSARIO light exhibit by Bruce Munro. I recommend you DO NOT look up photos and spoil the experience. Get tickets… Get sauced… bring a joint and get properly immersed in the experience with many sit down and stare breaks. Don’t just do a sober run through. I can’t believe how much we loved it. We had to be kicked out by security at closing time. So so tempted to share a photo but prefer you don’t see anything until you go.

Sea Chest… despite the numerous negative reviews we found it still really good and fun! Maybe it’s because we got in line early enough to get birthday girl a sea front window table… maybe it’s because we ordered wisely… maybe it was our overall mood, i dont know but food was good and great wine (Thacher) was cheap

The line was not very bad. People who showed up 30-40 minutes before opening got in with the first round. 2nd round is quite easy

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Sea Chest 2

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Harmonizing in Harmony… population 18

really lovely creamery there… went twice… nice glass blowing and pottery studios to browse… winery up the hill with good values. destroyed their riesling and petite syrah.

Even when experienced in a completely sober state, the Sensorio exhibit is good.

The food at Sea Chest is divisive even within my own family LOL (and we sat at the best corner table in the house). But it’s apparently THE place to dine when in Cambria, so there’s that.

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What’s the criticism? I was ready to be critical after reading so much of it online but couldn’t pick at anything.

We too recommend the Sensorio light show. It reminded me of when the poppies are in bloom in Antelope Valley.

That’s exactly what the artist is going for apparently.

These pics are from the 2019 bloom. Pretty ridiculously incredible. As memorable for me as Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, etc.

yes i remember that super bloom and the subsequent criticism of people traveling to see it for damaging some of it. .