Fading Hamlet

In a moment of nostalgic weakness, last night we went to the remaining Hamburger Hamlet for a bowl of Lobster Bisque. Alas, the place is a fading replica of what the Hamlet used to be. Parking is behind the building, but there is no back door, which means a diner must walk half a building to reach the front door on Van Nuys Blvd. There were other customers, but not so many as to require more than a single hostess who couldn’t decide where to assign tables. Menus must be originals, from way back, food-stained and otherwise just dirty. It’s always disconcerting when napkins stick to the table, your fingers stick to the salt shaker, and your shoes stick to the floor in the restroom. The bisque was bland, needed salt, and had no hint of sherry, but, oddly enough seemed to gain flavor at the bottom of the bowl. It would come as no surprise if this location keeps on fading until it vanishes to join the corpses of long dead Hamlets.



Didn’t this location close and then reopen?

I remember going there for lunch about five years ago. Once was enough. The burger was like sawdust and the friend I was dining with sent his sandwich back because it was all gristle.

Ahhh… I used to go the Beverly Hills location with my my parents. It was in the spot that is now Honor Bar (Hillstones) on Beverly Dr. They had tasty corn muffins and this yummy chicken salad, served in a giant, white, sea shell shaped bowl.

All the Hamlets closed and the guys who own Killer Shrimp and are resurrecting Tail o the Pup re-opened that one location. HH has a very special set of memories for me, mostly at the San Vicente and Beverly Drive locations, but at National, Bedford(?), Van Nuys, Agoura, Beverly Blvd, and Costa Mesa. Went to Subset once too. Not that we were fans or anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We spent many evenings in the Costa Mesa Hamlet. It was good, but that was
a long time ago. It was replaced by a video store. How sad!

The family also owned Kate Mantilini in BH. The space is really nice, but has been empty for years, which is weird.

Pretty sure the Lewises opened Kate Mantelini in 1987, the same year they sold the Hamlet chain and Marilyn is still involved there. I remember Marilyn at the Beverly Drive location often … but I’m old. ;o)) I think Harry passed away a few years ago.

KM on Wilshire has been closed for a while. Supposedly the landlord wanted to raise the rent but the Lewis’ children - who took over mgmt - couldn’t afford the increase. But what is weird is the place has been empty for at least 2 years. Seems like it would have been better for the landlords to keep the place occupied at the same rent. It seemed to be doing good business with the theater crowds and the office buildings.

the last hamlet has closed and is scheduled to reopen as dupars in about a month. apparently none of the hamlet employees saw this coming nor are any guaranteed a position when it reopens.

Alas, poor Yorick!

Are you referring to the one in Sherman Oaks? Their website and Yelp don’t seem to know yet. I’d thought that one was the one opened by the people who bought the name, and was the only one, but have seen references to one in Pasadena, which apparently HAS closed.

Pasadena was replaced by Dupars at least two years ago. Probably no coincidence that Dupars’ name is mentioned in connection with Sherman Oaks.

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UGH! For such a happening area that is the absolute worst thing they can open in this location!! :rage::rage::rage: