Fantastic Japanese Tapas (Izakaya) hits West Hollywood - Aburiya RAKU - pictures


Ah, you’re looking for robata-style gyusuji… Torihei might have offered it, but it’s been a while since I’ve been…

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I wonder if they still offer it at Las Vegas location?

I need to get my foie gras on a stick fix anyways.


I believe he is looking for the kushiyaki style beef tendon. The Raku version was excellent!

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Raku vegas

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On the menu it said only “Kobe beef tendon,” but Googling kushiyaki tendon, I think that’s correct.


Went today for lunch, the tendon is already gone.

The manager explained to me that the prep time was too long and lots of customers didn’t finish the dish after they had ordered it. Too bad.

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Going next month. Will confirm if its still on the menu.


Yah this is tragic. :frowning: 3 of Raku’s best dishes removed because not enough locals ate them (4th because of CA stupid laws). Understandable that it’s supply & demand, but they were fantastic dishes and a huge loss to the menu, just outstanding dishes in execution, taste and flavor.


What law? Does it affect beef tendon prepared Chinese-style?


Hi @J_L,

I meant for the 4th dish that Raku lost (Foie Gras). Thanks.

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@Chowseeker1999 At least there’s Vegas.



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Still have the tendon in Vegas. Still fantastic.


Are Vegas diners more sophisticated than LA diners? Seems backwards to me.


Raku Vegas is a destination restaurant so their out of town diners are most likely more “sophisticated” than the local LA diners that go to the weho location.


Hi @tailbacku,

Yah it’s surprising; but +1 on what @PorkyBelly.

Also from what our friends (who go to the Vegas branch regularly say), a lot of chefs and back of the house go to Raku Vegas after their shifts (because it stays open so late), so I’d imagine they’d be happy ordering some of these “off cuts” as well (besides the out-of-town destination diners), adding to the demand.

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The Vegas Raku is in Chinatown. Basically every restaurant within a few miles either way on spring mountain is Asian. The majority of the patrons at the Vegas location on my last few visits have been Asian. The LA location attracts a different type of crowd. Maybe if Raku were located in Koreatown or SGV they’d be selling more tendon.