Farewell my food muses

Italia awaits. Many drunken food pics coming your way. If you happened to have had an insane dish or meal while over there middle to north part but no Piedmonte do shout it out.

hope the rest of your month is filled with tasty morsels and tongueasms


A gran fritto misto aka fritto misto alla piemontese is worth seeking out.

Do you want this moved from HC?

Have a grand trip.

If you run into Verratti, tell him to get over to Arsenal ASAP.

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have a wonderful trip!

How long are you going to be gone?

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Just returned and realize I failed to send any reports from there. No time. And now it feels weird but I’ll do a couple of favorite ones. Wonder if a food picture dump would be of any value at all haha

Oh, I thought you were going to be, like, a year or something. Welcome back. I love food pics PERIOD so I hope you do one big thread of them. Maybe number them and we can ask questions. Yum :slight_smile:

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aah… yes… stupid thread title… i was just so excited that i was overly dramatic


My favorite things to do are travel and eat good food so I totally get it :slight_smile:

Tahoe/Reno? What happened to NOLA?

Huh? No clue what you’re asking?

yes, I can’t come up with a way to describe all the dishes… i’ll add descriptions to imgur when i can but for now maybe just field individual questions

if that’s not enough here are some more


What a trip. Holy cow. I am in utter awe. And now so very hungry.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing, awesome photos!
It would be great to know at least which restaurants they were from?

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lol yea… it feels crazy to look at it all now but it doesnt’ feel like it during the trip… over 18 days… thought it was hard to stay hungry after a decent size lunch… carbs carbs carbs

yes good idea, i’ll do that.

OMG, I had to stop looking…for now. My salivary glands were doing a little dance :slight_smile:

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Good God you ate great in Italy! Bravo!


Pesce en saor with grilled polenta, yum.

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