Farmers markets status?

Anyone been to a farmers markets in the LA region since they started instituting stricter measures? How was the wait and the crowding? I’m particularily interested in Mar Vista and Santa Monica, but the status of others would be interesting to know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @honuboy,

Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile: Yes, there have been reports here in this thread. I just went last week again, and the stricter measures are great (very limited # of people allowed in, the line outside is marked with 6 feet apart markers on the ground).


Tried the Torrance farmer’s market last Tuesday. They open at 8, got there about 7:45 with ~10 people ahead of me in the non-senior line. The queue is marked off for distance, with a separate line for seniors (who are let in first), and masks are, of course, required. Very strict about distancing, with city employees and police monitoring and directing. One way in, one way out. Booths are also spaced apart. Don’t quote me, but I thought I heard they let a maximum of 150 people in, though how they determine who has left and when to let additional people in was unclear as they didn’t seem to reach that threshold within the ~20 minutes I was there. Some vendors of note at Torrance: Harry’s Berries, who had gaviotas already bagged up and ready to go, Thao Farms with their produce boxes stacked up for pickup, LaBahn Ranch for eggs and chicken (by far the busiest vendor with their own marked-off line - they also have warehouse pickup in Santa Ana most of the week where you can limit exposure to people), Arnett Farms (who also offer a fruit box for pickup during the week in Torrance on their website.