Fast Eats near Westside Pavilion (Pico), Wednesday Evenings

Ideally places I can get in and out of in ~45 minutes or less (Wednesday nights around 6 pm, dining alone). ~5 minute drive or less would be ideal, as well as available parking.

No cuisine/price restrictions this time!

Apple Pan, Wadatsumi don’t require driving. A short drive are Upper West, Attari sandwich shop

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Somehow Wadatsumi didn’t show up when I did a google maps search for japanese food in the area. Thanks for reminding me it exists!

EDIT: Looks like they’re closed for renovations until May. Still, it’ll be good to have the option then.

westide tavern


Pastina trattoria, Lenny’s

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And Gulp, burger/fries/beer, $17

Reopening as a "new concept."

Wow, bummer. Thanks for the info. It also says “See you in Torrance with our new concpt…”

California Chicken Cafe, Feast from the East (I haven’t been in yrs), Pink Orchid (I’ve only had their sweets, not their savories). California Fresh (also haven’t been in yrs) can be decent (I used to get their salmon). I really enjoyed the burrito I had during my first visit to Tacos Tu Madre; subsequent visits have been mixed.

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+1 for CCC and Feast From the East. Chicken is solid and Chinese chicken salad the best.

The Six is a good bet.

But the Hungarian goulash from The Main Course (a bit further east on Pico) is a worthy dish to try.

And The Pizza Mac on Westwood Blvd. is churning out surprisingly decent pizzas (off the menu there but deserves a mention: The kebabs from Downtown Jewelry District Persian stalwart Shekarchi are available at Pizza Mac too… Yeah - usually a bad sign when your pizza place doles out macarons and kebab too, but in this case the soltani & pizza are quite decent).

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I haven’t been yet but I have

Bibi’s Bakery and Cafe on my to-do list, for the shakshuka and Jerusalem bagel.

If you can get there before 6, Marty’s Hamburger stand is great and they one of the greatest drinks on fountain, Orange Bang!

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Buy 2 for a bang bang!!!

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Westside Tavern is the best choice in the area imo. Really like their chicken club, hamburger, and veggie burger.

There’s also decent Indian food at Jaipur right next to the Westside Pavilion.

Farther up the street, Necco does tasty Japanese tapas, though that might be less ideal given your time constraint.

I gotta disagree with the Feast from the East rec. The Chinese Chicken salad is okay but they make it from a prepackaged kit. I personally prefer California Chicken Cafe for their Chinese Chicken Salad.

Second the Pizza Mac rec. Inconsistent but surprisingly good when they’re on. If nothing else, they have an excellent oven. Pitfire is also across the street.

Taste of Tehran and Farsi Cafe do solid Persian. I like the lamb kebab and shank at ToT and the chicken drumsticks at FC.

The breakfast burritos at Tacos Tu Madre are very tasty. The El Gallito truck does solid carne asada tacos and burritos. I also really like the chicken border burrito at Eduardo’s.

Another solid option in the area is Sunin and Sunin Bakery across the street from each other on Westwood. I really like the chicken shawarma sandwich special they have at the Bakery. After 6pm only though.

PS: These are some pics of my first visit to to Pizza Mac. Unfortunately a second visit was a bit of a disaster and led to my pizza being comped.

And the undercarriage:

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Agree with Westside Tavern. Especially if one arrives before or on the early side if 6PM, the place should be light on customers.

If you drove five minutes longer, and wanted healthier options, you could try Clementine on Santa Monica Blvd. just north of the Century City mall, and Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd. just south of Wilshire (has its own parking lot)

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I usually try not to be the “omg! LA traffic!” alarmist, but I fear about the only place with parking that you drive to from the Westside Pavilion in 5 minutes at 6pm on a Wednesday is . . . the other side of Westside Pavilion. So for that reason I second/third/fourth Westside Tavern, and also because it’s quite good. Otherwise I’d look at places like the Apple Pan and Pastina that are super close.


Personally if I was by myself, I’d sit at the counter of Apple Pan and have myself a hickory burger and fries.

I don’t know if five minutes would work in this part of town at that time of day.

I didn’t kno main course is good.