Fatty Mart

12210 Venice blvd LA 90066 (that’s for you ServOrg)

A first look. The hot food isn’t quite up and running but they do have sandwiches, pastry prepared food to take home ready to go & my cortado was pretty nice.

Great selection groceries

And nice patio

My haul


Noticed that they carry Son fish sauce which I haven’t tried but remember from this article


Hadn’t realized this was coming in.

Will prob stop by to take a look this weekend. Thanks for the early pics.

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P went on Friday and commented much of the same. He was thrilled though that they carry Teddy Peanut butter! We have never seen it out here on the West Coast! The Super Chunky is unreal.

We also got one of their Carnitas and I converted them into a Chile Verde for Burritos. The carnitas were essentially pork belly and they had a five spice undertone. They simmered well in my quickie Chile Verde sauce (Onions, Trader Joes Hatch Chile Salsa, a half of cup of water with Tomato Knorr, Cumin and Mexican Oregano) and became so unctuous. Would totally buy again.

Going back again in a few weeks. Hopefully they will have more items. I so want this to succeed…


Me too! I love his style of food I think it will be popular with locals he even had a sign up that said if you had suggestions of things to carry or make to send them in to him. So it sounds like he is really invested in the community