Favorite foods and music venues

I was just going through all of my upcoming music shows (I’ve got tickets to 14 shows between now and April already purchased) and I started thinking about the food at the different venues. I have to admit, I don’t typically eat at shows (this is TMI, I suppose, but I really like to practice good oral hygiene and I’ll be damned if I’m going to brush and floss in a club bathroom). That said, my wife lies for the hommos at The Troubadour. I must admit, it’s pretty good hommos. It’s weird that The Troub had good hommos – you’ll never know where you’ll find it.

Anyone else have something they like to get when they’re seeing music. (Maybe I shouldn’t count the Hollywood Bowl, because everyone eats at the HB. Some people spend so much time eating they are only vaguely aware that there is a concert going on.) I mean, there are places like The Mint with a pretty full menu. And The Fonda is attached to The Next Door Lounge and they have some pretty good looking food. (I know I’ve eaten there – but can’t remember what. I was drinking and just remember liking the experience. It’s possible I didn’t order anything and just ate off my wife’s plate.)

Anyone have any food faves at music venues? Just curious.

The lobster mac and cheese @ Staples is surprisingly good for what it is.

I have not been able to eat anything at the HB because the lines were simply too damn long.

AOC’s fried chicken at the Hollywood Bowl is scrumptious and easy to order now that they allow ordering in advance off of iPads. No waiting in line, you go to the iPad, pay by swiping, and your number comes up. Easy peasy.

Troubador equals Dan Tana’s dinner, for me. Good to know about the hummus, though.

I like Ludobird at Staples. I bring a nice Italian sandwich with me when I go to the Bowl – gives it time to marinate. At more intimate venues, I try to eat before or after the show.