Favorite Swan's Market places?

Other than a quick lunch at Cosecha and a few sausages at Rosamunde, I still haven’t eaten anyone else’s food. We’re meeting someone down there soon (on a modest budget) for dinner - what are your favorites?

MIss Ollie’s has great food and is one of the best values in Oakland.


as B-dama is my favorite place inside Swan’s, while right next door to the food court itself (but in the same building) is Delage – same chef/owner, Chikara Ono, but Delage is a $65 omakase-only restaurant. Both are delicious . . .

We ended up at the Cook and Her Farmer. We were there first, and so we had a glass of wine while we waited. There were a few items on the menu that looked appealing, and our friend agreed when she arrived.

(1) Flatbread with lamb - My dish - I liked it.
(2) Oyster po-boy - didn’t taste it, hate oysters - but it got polished up.
(3) Fisherman’s Stew - delicious. Enough that we (those who didn’t order it) got more than a taste. I’d order this in a minute.

We finally made it to Delage for dinner. A lovely meal. Still $65.