Favorites at Trader Joe's?

I had to do it… Buy the new Kibbehs they are selling at Trader Joes…

My last restaurant experience with Kibbehs had them serve them to make… frozen in the middle! UGH!!! To say it was disappointing… wasn’t even the half of it… so I was like… how much worse could the TJ’s one be?!?

Actually… the TJ ones were quite good. They were meaty than other frozen ones I’ve tried and the interior was quite flavorful. It’s not as good as the Kibbehs in my favorite place, Open Sesame, but with pickled onions, they certainly hit the spot.

The main disappointment with them is that I think the cooking instructions are a little off. I baked up a whole box, so I didn’t have any more to experiment. Next time I would increase the temperature in hopes for a crisper crust. of course, if you have an Air Fryer, I imagine that would truly be ideal.


I bought some as well (I’m heating up some more for lunch as I write this)— and thought they were pretty tasty for frozen. I cooked them at a slightly higher temp and for longer. They’re a little dry, but some tzadiki solved that! I had it as a sandwich w/ pita, tomato, olives, pepperocini and it was pretty good. I’d def get again

YES! I’m picky about Frozen Food as I worked in the industry and know what is and ISN’T possible… but for convenience, there is always going to be trade offs. Thanks for reporting back on the higher and longer experiment… I can see how this would make lovely Pita Sandwich! Kinda like Meaty Falafel!

exactly (although they’re not that meaty tasting w/ the bulgar and crust)-- it was a tasty alternative to a falafel pita

Any favorite rice varieties at Trader Joe’s? My go-to has been the Brown Rice Medley because it was one of the few kinds that I could successfully cook, but now I have a rice cooker!

Have not visited Trader Joe’s for a while. Some rice varietals to look out for - Jasmine, Basmati, Japanese (Koshihikari, Tamanishiki), Sticky/Glutinous Rice, Carolina Gold Rice

Also this thread comparing different Japanese rice varieties.

Happy Cooking!

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I like the Basmati a lot. Wasn’t a fan of the Jasmine

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I don’t know if this has been covered but I bought it yesterday and it’s quite good. The coffee flavor is spot on and the boba gives it a unique and interesting texture.


Thanks for sharing these great resources!

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Good to know, thanks! I’ll skip their Jasmine.

Frozen jasmine rice is a lifesaver.



Hecho en Portugal :star_struck:

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NAH on the vegan caramelized onion dip. It has a weird, sweet taste, with a thick, dense texture. No resemblance at all to their non-vegan version. I was hoping to find a comparable product to the non-vegan version or the Kite Hill French onion dip, but this was definitely not good. Ended u tossing it.

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The closest I can find through an internet search is “no argument here?”

OMG! They are also are selling Tostones frozen… but I’m kinda on Puppy Quarentine right now so I haven’t been to check them out.

lol at NAH being “not so”

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Ha! That was great - and so darn apt! (Also why I refuse to join Nextdoor.)

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