Favorites at Trader Joe's?

The top one looks pretty good for frozen pizza. Better than the version we’ve tried at Whole Foods.


LOL. We’ve been hooked on their Harvest Grains for years. I frequently worry. Used to try to keep six bags on hand. You’ve made me nervous again.

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Patio Chips are back.

Salt and vinegar, bbq, dill, and ketchup all in one bag!


Is that the same flavor as all dressed?

Nope they are individual chips with either of those 4 flavors. Think a more sophisticated Munchies (Doritos, Sun, Cheetos, pretzels). For the record I do like Munchies.

I do like all dressed chips!


Oh darn I thought they were all dressed.

That’s interesting though I will check them out!

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I am with you. All dressed is one of my favorite chip flavors. It’s just not popular in CA. My friend says they are all over Maine. I seen them in Upstate NY and parts of PA. Any of the border states is going to have them readily available.

I think Zapps Voodoo is kinda close and scratches the itch. Voodoo chips are also one of my favs


Yeah every time I go to Canada or my cousins come to visit they bring me alll dressed. I’ll look into these zapps