Felix Trattoria (Venice): A Pictorial Essay

Felix: A pasta tour of Italy. Let’s go!

Apertivi & cocktails della casa? Sure!

Hey Jealousy - Vermouth blanco, grappa & apricot… Well-poured!

Hey Nineteen - Tequila & pisco, pineapple, limoncello… Refreshingly intriguing.

Pane: Sfincione - Focaccia siciliana, rosemary, sea salt & olive oil… Whoa! So tasty. We could get hooked on this stuff. As for me, I’d add a bit more oil to this, but I suspect this bread is set for the Venice tastebuds…

Antipasti: Cicoria - Honey dates, bagne cauda, capers, pine nuts & pecorino… Such a balanced sum of flavors.

Polpette della Maestra Allesandra - Pork meatballs, salsa verde & parmigiano reggiano… Damn good meatballs!

Onwards to the pasta! The pastas are true to their geographic origins within Italy. As the menu indicates: “Tutta la pasta fata in casa”…

Le peste del nord: Trofie - Pesto genovese & parmigiano reggiano… Superb, toothsome, wonderful!

Le peste del nord: Pappardelle - Ragu bolognese “vecchia scuola” & parmigiano reggiano 60 mo… Incredible! This is just excellent.

Le peste del centro: Rigatoni All’Amatriciana - Guanciale, pomodoro & pecorino romano DCP… Perfectly al dente. A pleasure to experience this dish!

Le peste delle isole: Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia - Bottarga di muggine, green garlic & peperoncino… Just gorgeous to behold, and even more so to eat!!! A highlight dish of the evening!

Le peste del mezzogiorno: Orecchiette - Sausage sugo, broccoli di cicco, peperoncino & pecorino… Loved these “cat’s ears”! So full of flavor!

Housemade ginger-pineapple soda with lime… Understated but very satisfying.

Secondi: Picchiapo - Roman-style braised beef, pomodoro, peperoncino & scarpetta… This is a “lost recipe”, not often seen in restaurants, according to our server. The beef here is simply marvelous, so tender and perfectly seasoned - certainly one of the standout dishes of the night!

Time for dessert!!!

Dolci: (1) Budino di Nocino - Whipped cream & walnut croccante, (2) Crostata - Blackberries & panna montana, with fresh whipped cream, (3) Tiramisu… Finishing with a cappuccio (note that this is different than a cappuccino)… All dolci (and cappuccio) were outstanding!

Warm service, inspired cooking, good vibes. Just a fantastic restaurant.


Felix Trattoria
1023 Abbot Kinney Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90291


Tutta la pasta fatta in casa … cosa? Ci vuole un verbo.

I thought someone would comment. Here is the photo from the menu…

È una frase?

Came here for the second time on Saturday night. Perhaps it was an off-night or maybe my expectations were too high after my first visit a couple weeks after it opened, but the quality did not quite seem to match up. (It was still good, but not good enough that I’d drive out of my way to Venice.)

Finally got my hands (and tastebuds) on those Squash Blossoms - decent, though I felt like I had to be missing the point, because in the end it was just a well-fried vegetable.

The pork meatballs were good but noticeably less interesting than the first time around - one of my dining companions (who’d been with me on the first visit) came to the same conclusion, independently.

The Trofie and Cacio e Pepe were as good as they were the first time we ordered them. I must’ve just missed the Bottarga Spaghetti being replaced with a Mussel-based dish - which was a well-executed though unexciting seafood pasta. Shame, the Bottarga + Peperoncino Spaghetti was my favorite last time. The Mezze Maniche was good. The Bigoli came out undercooked, and almost cold. The second attempt at it was better, but by that time we were full.

The food was still good and it was an enjoyable meal overall, but it lacked same “world-class” feeling it had the first time around.

Perhaps it was an artifact of dining very late in the evening - we came in around 10 pm - but hopefully everybody here will tell me that this was a fluke. I would love to come back with confidence.

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The common phrase is, “tutte le paste sono fatta in casa” (all the pastas are made in house).

Menu just lists “All the Housemade Pasta”… (?)

“Tutta la pasta è fatta in casa” is probably what they want there.

signore j_l, how did the bagna cauda manifest itself in
the cicoria course, per favore?

ive rarely if ever seen bagna cauda on a menu. and i like it.

It was a bastardized version: A bagna cauda & date DRESSING for the cicoria… (A cop-out, I know… Blame the Chef.) Anyhoo, it was delicious.

thanks for the info. it does sound mighty tasty.

Can’t wait to try this place out.

I see they don’t have puttanesca anymore…

Italian food is completely killing French in LA and that makes me so sad no matter how much I love Italian… Forget about Spanish :frowning:

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It would be so nice to have a Northern French restaurant. Sand dabs sautéed in butter, omelets, moules frite, Camembert and Calvados.

No Provençal restaurants, please.

Petit Trois does some of those dishes.

Yes, and I love it. But it can be incredibly inconvenient to get to that location from West Los Angeles. It would be nice if we had a few more French bistros, in place of a few of the gazillion Italian places in L.A.

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Hell, I’m just pleading for ONE decent Spanish place to open anywhere in L.A. proper



Hell, I’m just pleading for ONE decent Spanish place to open anywhere in L.A. proper


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the had a wonderful puttanesca last night - the pasta menu changes quite a bit.