Five-hour layover in Vegas

Due in at 3:30 pm. Where to have lunch?

jaleo for some sole food




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So so so many places. Budget? Type of Cuisine? Location? Casual or fine-dining?

Flock and Fowl

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That sure looks good. What’s on top of the cheese in that sort of open-faced sandwich?

Ideally something that LA and the SF Bay Area don’t have or don’t do so well.

That can be a tall order, as most places on the Strip have an outlet in LA or NYC. Let me think about this, I have until 3. Until then I’d go with @J_L recommendation for Flock and Fowl, as there’s only one, but their specialty is Hainanese chicken, which I think the SGV does well.

People have complained on the LA board that Singaporean there is not great.

Honestly I don’t have an opinion, I’m not a Hainanese chicken expert. All I can say is it’s an acquired taste, you have to know what they’re doing at Flock and Fowl to know why it’s so good. It’s not like a good slice of pizza, which is universally loved by all, and oozing with umami.

It’s going to be 97F today, any objections to walking in that heat?


Damn, I thought that’s what it was. “Coca con erizos: Warm and crusty cristal bread with sea urchin, Echire butter and ibérico bacon.” That’s insane. And the dinner menu starts at 4:00. Perfect.

The fermin jamon iberico de bellota is worth it.

Julian Serrano IMO is better in all aspects than Jaleo except for paella. The ingredient quality at most Jose Andres LV locations is just not up to par with many places. The secreto pales in comparison to the one served at Sage and Julian Serrano in Aria. The pan con tomate at Julian Serrano kills the one at Jaleo. The cod fritters at Jaleo are excellent as is the paella. They used to have a foie gras cannelloni but it hasn’t been on the menu in years. The iberico ribs at Julian Serrano were fantastic which showcases the better ingredient quality. The jamon iberico is same quality, however the pan con tomate at Julian Serrano far exceeds Jaleo. Also, this french toast dessert thingy is really good, one out of three came too sweet but the two other times were on fuckin point. Sergio must have called out that day.


But my choice is easy: Flock and Fowl


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I had that, it was meh. I am not sure if this is the same dish @PorkyBelly had though.


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Why choose? Go to both!

Julian Serrano, wow, I don’t think I’ve heard his name since he was chef at Masa’s in SF.

There are several excellent Spanish places in SF.

Jaleo-Momofuku bang-bang, FTW.

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This was fun but would have been killer if they made it on hot toast with hot bacon to melt the butter and warm the urchin slightly.







Bucatini ceci e pepe, great dish, didn’t occur to me until I’d had a few bites that it was vegan.


The Benton kicked the Jubilee to the curb. Corn madelines were good but would have worked better with the ham if served hot. Red-eye mayo was such a David Chang thing, like a distillation of almost burned toast, great stuff but too intense for this context.

Would have eaten more but I had to head back to LAS. Damn, has Vegas changed since I was last there 25 years ago.




The bartender who served me at Momofuku had had lunch at Julian Serrano. Probably his grilled asparagus with romesco sauce were better than mine.

Great service at both places.

It’s sriracha and instant coffee. I made it once to put on leftover Tday ham & biscuits. :yum: