Food challenges

I thought this was very interesting.

There are some of my favorites on here. I wish I could do it.

The Church of Scientology has a doughnut-eating contest?!?!?

“competitive eating”? Yuck. I can’t even stand to watch a tiny snippet on the ‘news’ when there are hot dog eating contests.

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Your favorite whats?

A 28-inch pizza is equivalent to four 14-inch pizzas.

Is the fat content of the donuts measured in engrams?


“Your favorite whats?”


That makes sense…Get 'em high on sugar, then sign 'em up!. :smile:

I go watch the ones with professional eaters if I can. Miki Sudo is my current favorite. I’m also buds with Patrick Bertoletti, who at one time was ranked #2 in the world.

Which of the restaurants on that list are among your favorites?

How much fried dough must I consume to go clear?


I like Dans supersubs. El Abajeno, Fatburger, Mastro’s, Hawkins House of Burgers, Kyochon, There may be more, I got tired of scrolling down.

But why? I just seems the epitome of gluttony. More a gross carnival act that anything to do with food.

It’s exactly the epitome of gluttony.

Used to be a Kool-Aid drinking contest.

(Hopefully not offending anyone here)

You guys call them food challenges, I call them just an average dinner for this fat ass.

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