Food Media resources for NYC


So far I enjoy the following resources to keep me up to date on the latest happenings around town:

Grub Street
NY Times
Eater NY

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I also check my local news sites, EVGrieve, BoweryBoogie, and TheLoDownNY.


KenScale (full disclosure, a friend of mine)

Insatiable Critic (aka Gael Greene)


What about TimeOut?


@small_h @ipsedixit Thanks for the recs!

@catholiver I view timeout as more of a travel guide vs latest happenings.


I hear ya. I just always see it when we’re around.


Kenscale looks really neat. I find myself agreeing with a lot of his views on the places I’ve been to which is cool. Funny because we seem to have very similar backgrounds - accountants, married, korean, live in nyc, love to eat/fine dining lol. Does he have another platform (ie instagram) that he posts to by any chance?

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