For a bday party, where to get massive amounts of fried chicken?

Howlin? Where else? They don’t want spicy.

Literally any grocery store.

That’s what I’d do. The skies the limit. And I find a lot of it not bad at all.


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Probably an even cheaper solution!

Safeway. Order in advance if it’s really big.

And the chicken is quite good!!

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Was not expecting these answers.

I dunno where in town you are, but Donahoo’s in Pomona is the Truth.

Or Shakey’s.



Why not? I think they’re all good.

lol (there is some decent grocery chicken out there). BUT—you could also do Korean fried chicken from kyochon.

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If you don’t feel like grocery chicken, which I agree can be quite good, you could always go to a place like Dinah’s.

I mean they have a menu lines for 50, 75, or 100 pieces of chicken.

There are two locations, I don’t think they are related anymore and I really don’t know if either one is better than the other.

Dinah’s Family Restaurant - Sepulveda in LA (near Westchester)

Dinah’s Chicken - San Fernando Rd, Glendale

If Albertsons is an option close by, they hand bread their chicken and fry it fresh. I’ve had it and it’s pretty good if you’re considering QPR. They also have excellent Zesty chicken wings.

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While I do love KyoChon, this route would be quite costly; each whole chicken is $20+ and would serve maybe 2 people.

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Honeybird in La Cañada Flintridge.

I did this last year and picked up a ton from Honey Kettle in Culver City. Can do big boxes with biscuits, etc. Worth it.

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Expensive =/= better.

Does it have to be fried? I find Pollo Ala Brasa is great for large groups.

And they now take online orders, which makes things super easy.

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