For Those Who Will Never Get To Walnut--A Visit To XLB Dumpling Bar

99 Ranch Market has been in Rancho Cucamonga for quite a while (I’m guessing 12 to 15 years). Originally there was little in the way appurtenant of Chinese businesses but that has changed with the recent surge of Chinese homebuyers in that community. Still I wonder where the Chinese in Rancho Cucamonga go for their Chinese food, as there aren’t that many places in and around 99 Ranch Market to service them all.

I’m aware of Ms Chi’s cheeseburger dumplings, which is reasonably convenient geographically for me. However, having been unimpressed with a number of offerings at their Culver City location, I haven’t been inclined to give it another round.

Red Chilli House would be one. In the same plaza as 99 Ranch, and the food is quite good. I’m surprised to hear that the market’s been around that long.

This location opened 8 years ago, but they were over on Foothill Blvd. for a while a few years earlier.

This makes me laugh: we are watching and discussing the proliferation of Chinese (and other Asian) fare “Eastward,” as it moves farther and farther from the Far East.
#onlyinla #everythingisrelative

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That Chino Hills food court (Cravings) is actually owned by 99 Ranch. I’ve been once so far and enjoyed it. Very much a hipster/instagram feel but the food my coworkers and I got was tasty.

I also let the coworkers know that we should check out XLB Dumping Bar and they informed me that they had already been (and enjoyed). Ugh I am forever behind.

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There’s also the Philly cheesesteak wrap at the Bao Shoppe in Manhattan Chinatown, which essentially is a beef roll with cheese thrown in. Historically I guess these are all descendants of the Philly Cheesesteak egg roll invented a number of years ago in Philadelphia.

To be fair, I’m not sure the observation of the “shift” originated with any one person, but rather is obvious to anyone who cares to gives the SGV more than a cursory look. I do recall at one point many years ago the late Jonathan Gold discussing how the East SGV scene as being more intensely Chinese and the harbinger of things to come elsewhere in the SGV. I’m not saying he originated the idea, only that the evidence is out there for all to see.

By the way I’m coming back for a visit 19-26 Dec and I’m checking in to see what changes have happened since I left (in 2015-- how the time flies). I wonder if XLB Dumpling Bar is worth a visit? (By the way, is it XLB and Dumplings? :wink:

Mr Taster

XLB Dumpling Bar is probably too far out of the way for you to go by, particularly given everything that’s happened the last 3 years. I would highlight newer restaurant openings, particularly Mainland China chains that have opened up branches such as Bistro Na’s, as well as perhaps the new leader in dim sum, Longo Seafood

Hot pots are outpacing boba shops in the SGV.

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Finally made it yesterday. Getting there around noon on a Thursday with a group of 8 was no issue; the restaurant was lively but not super packed.

We were also unable to get any of the cheeseburger baos, but can confirm the XLB were porky and delicious, the wontons were delicate and pretty good, the dan dan noodles were very peanuty, and the pork + shrimp dumplings were good when dipped in their ginger vinegar sauce or spicy dipping sauce. Coworkers who ordered the purple taro ube milk tea enjoyed it. An enormous feast ended up being $13/pp. Also the space is fairly gleaming, looking not unlike every all-white kitchen on HGTV these days.


Just had the cheeseburger bao for the first time. The flavor is not unlike that of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger.

Update: they now have al pastor dumplings. Not bad, though to put them over the top I think they need to figure out something with fresh pineapple.

You mean shenjianbao? Or steamed bao with al pastor filling?

the latter.

Awesome. Thanks!

Here, this is a yelp pic of them. Really, they’re just your average steamed dumpling just filled with al-pastor flavored pork.


Did you mix the dumplings w/ a sauce of some sort?

They have a bunch of different sauces there but the al pastor didn’t need any.

Then presumably the dumplings weren’t plain b/c dumpling skins aren’t normally that color, no?