Four Bricks (Whittier)

Partner and I took partner’s mother here for Mother’s Day dinner. It was really delicious. Partner had chosen the place based on good (Yelp?) reviews. When we arrived, the hostess informed us that the chef and sous chef had worked at The Bazaar (which probably explains why one entree was named “Ode to Chef Jose”).

Food was EXCELLENT. Complimentary bread was served warm and w/ date butter. The two paired well, atlhough I wouldn’t have minded some salt to sprinkle on the butter to bring out more of the flavor. I had the chorizo stuffed peppers (wonderfully salty) and the toast w/ date butter, pesto, and whipped honey goat cheese (FANTASTIC). Partner had the NY steak rubbed w/ dried porcini mushrooms (perfectly medium rare… which I had gotten a pic of the interior). Mother in law (sort of) had the salmon w/ brown butter and carrot sauce. I didn’t try any, since she finished the whole thing herself and since it was her special dinner. :wink: We all shared the beet salad (the almond and garlic “dirt” was great; the slices of the raw beet were a little odd; yogurt and roasted beets were tasty).

Sorry for the crappier-than-usual pics:

I think the food would’ve easily been 50-100% more expensive in West LA (where we live), so I thought it was a very good value. Pinot Grigio was also very tasty. Service was polite and unobtrusive.

Only criticism is that it’s very, VERY noisy in there (having a screaming kid at another table didn’t help).

Including tax and tip and drinks (2 glasses of wine; 2 bottles of Pellegrino) it was ~$140. Worth a trip, even if you’re not super close to Whittier. Closed Sunday night and Mondays. The chef and his aunt have also purchased the property next door and will be opening a bakery/day cafe. I wish them the best of the luck. They’re turning out great stuff, based on our one experience tonight.


Thanks for doing a review in Whittier, @paranoidgarliclover! It’s nice to see a review in a different neighborhood of L.A.
The owner used to be in the head of my company…recently retired to focus on her hospitality business. I was curious if the restaurant was any good.

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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Nice! Good to know. Thanks for the report. :slight_smile: